Targeting Melania Trump With Disparaging Words ‘Will Not End Well’ [Opinion]

Since Donald Trump has taken over at the helm of the nation, Melania and the rest of his family have been the target of pure hatred alongside the president. You have seen the horrendous rumors spun about Melania Trump, only because she is the wife of a president that some people don’t like. Today more and more people are taking notice of this and realizing what has been done to Melania is unfair, as she has done nothing to warrant such horrendous treatment. These are the people you need to watch out for if you intend to target Melania with mean and ripping words.

Melania Trump is a first lady that people should be proud of, suggests the American Thinker. Today this website offers up a warning that taking on Melania Trump “will not end well.” American Thinker writes that the left is “driven by blind rage over the failure of voters to elect Hillary Clinton,” which makes anyone related or even just affiliated with Donald Trump a target. As more people realize the mean and nasty comments aimed at Melania are driven by this, they are stepping off the bandwagon.

It is like the tide has changed when it comes to Melania Trump after the public has had their fill of all the disparaging remarks written and said about the new first lady. It is not Melania the woman that is the target of all these disturbing allegations that are slowly being put to bed; it is Melania the wife of Donald Trump that brings on the hatred in words she’s endured. They say there’s nothing worse than a reformed smoker or drinker when it comes to their attitude toward those who still drink and smoke. This theory might just follow suit with the reformed Melania critics. Now that they’ve seen the light, they may come on strong to those who don’t and these are the folks that will take pride in having Melania’s back.

American Thinker lists Melania’s beauty, her intellect, and her devotion as a mother as her traits that make her a woman to admire. She would be “the toast of D.C.” if she happened to be the wife of a liberal politician, they quip. So why the warning that taking Melania on won’t end well for the person or persons that attempt to do this?

Even though it didn’t start out this way, America is slowly getting behind Melania Trump. There will probably always be that set of die-hard Trump haters that will never come around, but as time goes on, more and more people see Melania for who she really is. Everyone got on that Trump bandwagon as soon as the election was done. For Melania this started with the designers who came out to say they won’t dress the new first lady.

Just recently another designer offered up his unsolicited refusal to dress the first lady, according to Time Magazine. That would be the famous fashion designer Zac Posen, who has not only dressed Melania but Ivanka as well in the past. Taking this stand just might backfire on Posen, as well as the other designers out there, with his attitude toward Melania. This refusal is seen as an insult to Melania, and as her popularity grows, there will be many other people who will refuse to wear the fashion of someone who acted so petty toward the first lady.

Each time that happens, they run the risk of others not wanting their designs. Look what happened when Ivanka Trump’s products were ousted from Nordstrom recently. The American people took it into their own hands and Ivanka’s sales soared. Much like the election, it was the American people who toppled Hillary, even though the Democrats believed she was a shoo-in. It will be the American people who will admire and guard the nation’s first lady from the disparaging remarks and shuns. While it was a slow-go in the beginning, they are coming around.

America is seeing Melania for who she really is today and that is much more than Donald Trump’s wife. A couple of recent tweets that popped up show her mom and dad together. These photos work to remind the public that she is someone’s daughter. The tweets can be seen below with the little boy in one picture being their grandson, Barron Trump.

Now that people have heard Melania talk on a more frequent basis, whether that was reading to a group of kids or leading a prayer in front of a crowd, they’ve learned that she is humble and she doesn’t give off any vibes as being one of the privileged. This is another reason America has rallied behind Melania today. As her approval rating rises, more and more people get behind Melania, and these are the folks you will have to answer to when taking a swipe at Melania Trump in the future.

Whether you create clothes or you are someone in politics, if you have something less than stellar to say about Melania today you will have more than just Melania and Donald Trump to answer to. There are more people standing behind the first lady than there ever before. So if you think you are making a stand about not offering your designs to Melania, you are taking the chance of many others staying away from your creations as well.

This goes for just about anyone out there who is accustomed to targeting Melania with your words. You will find the tables are turning as Melania receives admiration from more within the masses in the nation today. Americans are finally seeing the right thing to do and that is to protect our new first lady from all the cutting remarks. While there are still those out there who find cutting down the first lady with their words somehow satisfying, they will one day become an extinct breed as Melania wins over more and more American hearts.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]