Ex-Trump Adviser Roger Stone Admits To Speaking With Russian Hacker [Opinion]

It seems that the Trump administration cannot seemingly sever themselves from the Russia ties that continue to come out, as now former Trump adviser Roger Stone has admitted he spoke with the same person reportedly responsible for the presidential election hacks. Roger Stone is a long-time friend of the president, and the two had been close. He was an adviser to Trump for some time, and now there may be some interesting connections between Stone and the Russian hacker responsible for the DNC email leak last year.

According to the Washington Times, Stone admitted he was in private communication with the Russian-connected hackers behind the DNC leak in a recent statement. He claimed in the statement that he used direct messaging on Twitter to speak with Guccifer 2.0 this past summer. Of course, this hacker is not just responsible for the DNC leak, but also said to be the ones behind the presidential election hacking.

In fact, many believe that Russian spy agencies created Guccifer 2.0 for one reason only: to help Donald Trump win the presidential election. The DNC leak was just one way of helping, but everything that seemed to follow that connected back to Guccifer 2.0 was also in connection to aiding Trump in his win. Stone did not want anyone to know that he was lying about his correspondence with the Russian hacker, so he shared screenshots to prove it.

Trump with Mnuchin

However, Stone wanted to make sure people know that he had nothing to do with collaborating with them regarding anything involving the presidential election. He claimed, “Any such ‘collaboration’ would’ve also involved a time machine. To reiterate, I myself had no contacts or communications with the Russian State, Russian Intelligence or anyone fronting for them or acting as intermediaries for them. “

This would allegedly be incorrect if he spoke with the Twitter account, as the Russian state has been claimed to be the ones behind the account. Therefore, he would have spoken to them simply because he spoke to the person running the messaging system if nothing else. On top of this, it is uncertain if this is the one and only time he spoke with Russian hackers or anyone from the nation. Obviously, he admitted to this one talk, but could there be others?

Funnily enough, the New York Daily News has reported that the FBI are currently investigating Stone for possible ties to Russia. This may have been his way of coming out and admitting any sort of ties he has, rather than the whole story not being out there before the FBI pulled him in. Sometimes people put their own faults out in public to avoid others from putting it out there without giving the full story. Stone may have wanted to put things in context to avoid confusion.

Roger Stone with Reporters

Roger Stone is just the latest in a string of Russian-related material connected to the Trump administration. Stone was a campaign adviser and one would assume that he would do what it took to win the presidency for his friend. While Stone claims he did not collaborate with them in any way, the rest of the country cannot just take his word for it.

People involved in business and politics lie all the time, and Americans are used to it by now. That does not mean they like it whatsoever. This was one of the original reasons why Donald Trump had some supporters right off, as he spoke like they did and said what they said. He would say some somewhat crazy things and mention stuff that most thought was a bit weird, but because he seemed to never hold back his thoughts, supporters took it as complete honesty.

Of course, many have learned by now that just because he says what he thinks doesn’t exactly mean that it is true or holds any sort of merit. Regardless, Roger Stone does have connections to Trump, and while he may claim he does not have any sort of ties to helping them or working as a intermediary between Russia and Trump, he will most likely be investigated for it just to be sure.

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