Donald Trump Sidelines Nancy Pelosi’s Retirement? She ‘Yearns’ For Romney Or Bush [Opinion]

Nancy Pelosi would have retired if Donald Trump didn’t win the presidency, but he did win. Did she even stop to think how foolish it might sound hinging her retirement on Trump being in the White House or not? Basically she’s admitting, whether she likes it or not, that she has given some power over her life to Trump, because if he did A, this would cause her to do B.

Not only did Pelosi’s declaration of Trump sidelining her retirement suggest that she’s given some power to the man she so openly decries, but she also sounds as if she has a grandiose feeling about her political self-worth. If the election had gone the other way and Hillary Clinton were in office, Pelosi could retire without any worries over ObamaCare becoming unraveled by the incoming administration. It sounds as if Pelosi believes she is a stand-in of sorts for Hillary Clinton.

Pelosi said to reporters on Friday, “If Hillary had won, I was ready to go home.” She went on to say, “It was really shocking that someone like Donald Trump would be President of the United States. We yearn for the day of a Mitt Romney or a George Bush or someone. But anyway, that motivated me to stay now.”

She also told reporters that she was staying to protect the healthcare plan put in place by Obama, the Affordable Healthcare Act. According to CNN, Obamacare was a plan that Pelosi was “heavily decisive in crafting eight years ago,” back when she was speaker of the House. Many of the social media comments today are suggesting that Pelosi is not going to make a difference and they encourage her to go with her retirement plans. It appears that Pelosi believes Obama’s legacy boils down to her keeping watch over what she sees as his accomplishments.

Since Hillary didn’t make it into the White House, it sounds as if Pelosi feels she is burdened with the task of watching over Obama’s healthcare legacy, so she cannot retire. As you might imagine, there wasn’t a shortage of comments on other articles about Pelosi’s retirement blurb and across the social media sites. Many of those comments are urging her to take her retirement now, as seen in the tweets below.

Pelosi is not the first famous woman to admit Trump has had some control over their life in recent weeks. It was just last week when Barbara Streisand blamed Trump’s actions and words on making her gain weight. She declared that when she hears Trump on the news, despite already having a healthy breakfast, she runs for pancakes smothered in syrup, as Fox News reported last week. Streisand has made no secret of her feelings for Donald Trump; she is another outspoken woman who despises the president’s politics.

Pelosi’s and Streisand’s declarations of Donald Trump putting a bump in their road of life is rather odd because it does make the assumption that the man they claim to despise has caused them to do something against their will. This seems a bit backwards in thinking coming from two women who have managed to get so far in life, with each reaching the top of their careers.

Why wouldn’t Pelosi put the blame on Hillary for losing the election and disrupting her retirement plans? Why is she putting this blame on Trump just because he won? This is a case where Hillary should get equal billing, but apparently Pelosi doesn’t see it that way. If Trump hadn’t won the election, Nancy Pelosi might have been in the minority of people who could relax while sitting at home and enjoying retirement with Hillary at the helm.

[Featured Image by Scott Applewhite/AP Images]