Megyn Kelly Fancies Herself Another Oprah As Mocking Commences On Social Media? [Opinion]

It looks like Megyn Kelly has been busy deciding just who she wants to be this time around on a new network. As she gets ready for her NBC debut, it sounds like she has some ideas that an Oprah Winfrey-like presence would work for her.

As soon as the social media users got wind of this, the mocking started. A blond wig-wearing gentleman decided he’ll be Megyn Kelly while she’s morphing herself into Oprah. His tweet is seen below.

According to AOL News, Kelly reportedly sees herself helping people the way Oprah does and she would like to fashion herself as a new generation of Oprah. One might imagine that Oprah’s fans might have something to say about Kelly fancying herself the next Oprah. This is America and you can set your goals and go after them, no matter how high those goals appear to be.

Page Six reported that Kelly wants to “completely change her tune” when she debuts in her new NBC gig. Kelly has left her Fox News strategies behind her. Those days where she embarked on “a lot of combative interviewing” and “going after people,” are over, according to a source interviewed by Page Six. It sounds as if people can expect to see a softer Megyn Kelly, but she didn’t become famous being soft. Will she survive such an opposite transformation?

Kelly was expected to ask the tough questions while at Fox when it came to her interviews. The source claims this type of work became “difficult” for Kelly. This could very well be why the former Fox News anchor is looking for a smoother road this time around. Kelly did the hard core tough reporter gig for the last few years of the decade she was at Fox.

At 46, Kelly is wanting a different public persona rather than the one she earned from her days at Fox. The source reports that Megyn feels she has a lot more to offer than doing the combative interviews of yesteryear. She likes the idea of becoming a champion of the people and doing something more positive than she’s historically known for.

Megyn comes to NBC with that Fox News baggage, which is a reputation of being known for some hard core interviews. The latest reports have NBC slipping Kelly into the 9 a.m. time slot on Monday through Friday and according to AOL, NBC has already lost “one loyal personality” in the process of bringing Kelly on.

When Tamron Hall found out that she and Al Roker were to be replaced by Kelly in the third hour of the Today Show, she decided to leave. Kelly moving over to NBC has put a few noses out of joint for sure.

Kelly doesn’t want a Matt Lauer loyalist running her show, so she is actively looking for a an executive producer for her up-coming morning venue. She wants that executive producer to come from outside of the NBC network. It is the NBC News president, Noah Oppenheim, who is actively searching for that producer. According to Page Six, Kelly wants a team that will have her back and a team she can put her trust into.

Many ask what is the holdup when it comes to putting Kelly in front of the camera and you might be surprised to hear that it is Fox News, or more like Kelly’s contract with the cable news station. She is legally under contract to Fox until July 1, which means she can’t even slip into to production meetings at NBC yet. While the contract is a cemented deal, NBC is still in talks with Fox trying to entice them to let Megyn out of her contract earlier.

While Megyn looks to do her Oprah thing Monday through Friday in her 9 a.m. hour, she is still getting a Sunday night show on NBC to “scratch that itch,” according to Page Six. That itch is Kelly’s need to get into those big interviews of the day. As the news over the last few months has indicated, with Kelly on board, people at NBC are fearful of losing their jobs. According to Page Six, people who have been at NBC for as many as 30 years aren’t feeling too secure.

Another source who Page Six talked with said, “others at Today are in the dark and wonder when the moving truck will pull up.”

Kelly, who saturated the headlines for several different events while at Fox, has been waning in the headlines lately. Kelly comes to NBC on the heels of her long power struggle with Donald Trump while at Fox.

This started at the first Republican debate hosted by Fox, which Kelly moderated. Many believe it was this sparring with Trump that rocketed Kelly to fame. With Fox and her bantering with Trump behind her, will she be able to live up to all this hype around her new NBC gig?

As you might imagine, the social media sites are having a field day with Megyn Kelly wanting to spin herself into the new Oprah. One Twitter user, Autumn Adwin, suggests “Whoever told Megyn Kelly she can be anything she wants to be when she was growing up lied to her.”

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