Why The Liberals Will Never Accept Donald Trump As POTUS [Opinion]

The Democrats knew it would be rough under Donald Trump’s regime, but they didn’t expect the mess that the POTUS would create. The reality TV star turned president didn’t have the experience to take office, yet that didn’t stop his supporters from voting for him to defeat Hillary Clinton —someone they felt was downright dangerous. Even so, Trump took office despite the many protests calling for his immediate impeachment.The liberals vowed that they would never accept him as the leader of the free world and would fight him every step of the way.

Travel Ban Is A Huge Problem

The travel ban was a big problem for many Democrats. It restricted immigrants from coming into the country from seven prominently Muslim countries. At first, there was confusion about the details of the executive order. Officials detained people from those countries that had a residence card (green card) and had lived in the United States for many years. Later, President Trump clarified that those people who live here with a green card would not be detained or affected by the travel ban.

The travel ban prompted a massive protest after immigrants were detained at JFK airport for hours. Mothers were separated from their children for hours as Immigration officials conducted their investigation. Fox News reported that it created public outrage and a flood of Americans flocking to the Department of Justice to stop the order.

Democrats move to dethrone President Trump

It led to Trump revising his order to exclude Iraq from the blocked list and stating Syria refugees weren’t blocked per se, but they would need to go through an “extreme vetting process.” This executive order created measurable tension between the Democrats and Trump.

Trump’s Stance On Women’s Issues Causes An Uproar

Not long after Trump took office, he announced plans to revamp ObamaCare with a new plan. Trump planned to remove the requirement for insurance to pay for birth control, maternity benefits, and hormone replacement therapy, Washington Times reported.

This order left many liberals confused. For a president that adamantly opposes abortion, he basically took away the right to birth control with the swipe of his pen. If women cannot afford birth control, they will get pregnant with unwanted babies.

Trump has made many questionable decisions that could affect women in the long run. He claims that he “cares about women’s issues,” but his actions say something altogether different.

Mexican Wall Causes Tension

One of the announcements Trump made after taking office in January was his plans to build a wall at the Mexican and U.S. border. And that’s not all; he intended to FORCE Mexico to pay for the wall.

Democrats call for Congress to impreach the POTUS

Democrats were opposed to the wall. For one, they believed that it wouldn’t keep immigrants out and was a waste of taxpayers dollars. Even so, Trump moved forward with his plan to build the wall “immediately.”

Trump told the American people that he would force Mexico to pay for the wall “one way or another.” So what does that mean exactly? It means that Americans will pay for the wall. It will come out of our taxes to a tune of over $1,200 per person. However, the POTUS claimed that he would get reimbursement from Mexico from trades or goods.

These three issues are hot topics for many liberals. Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t support insurance paid birth control. He also believes his travel ban and the Mexican wall will prevent immigrants from flooding into the nation.

Democrats, will you ever accept Donald Trump as the POTUS? What do you think he’d need to do to gain the support of the liberals?

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