Melania Trump Jabbed With Disturbing Headlines Just As Her Popularity Rating Soars [Opinion]

Melania Trump’s popularity is on the rise, with the latest jump in numbers of her approval rating making it into the headline news this week. With that said, it appears that attempts to squash the new first lady’s achievement weren’t far behind.

Today, the headlines offer “Melania Shares Weird Details About Sex Life with Trump in Resurfaced Video.” This is a video of an interview from 18-years ago and Melania’s only discussion was done over the phone. Videos don’t resurface all by themselves as if they come in and out on some cyber tide. Someone searches for a video and then posts it online.

When you see the description offered in a headline of Melania giving up “weird details about sex life,” which is in the title of an Elite Daily article, this conjures up all kinds of things in the mind’s eye. From chandelier swinging to feather boas and beyond, “weird sex” describes something out of the norm. You might be surprised to learn just what is being called “weird” when it comes to what Melania described during that interview.

Donald Trump appeared on The Howard Stern Show back in 1999, and during that show, they called Melania on the phone, who was dating Trump at the time. She was Donald Trump’s girlfriend, and he called her at the urging of Stern, according to the Elite Daily.

Many famous and not-so-famous people who have been on Stern’s show get the same type of first-degree questioning that was given to Donald Trump and Melania, once they got her on the phone. It is Howard Stern and that is what he does. He is sexually suggestive with most of his guests, but this is where he’s gained his fame as a shock jock.

Melania said maybe all of eight words describing her love life with Trump. Those descriptive words were, “not much, almost, even more and great, great time.” Apparently, the “weird” part was that sometimes the two of them got together more than just once a day. That is hardly “weird.”

When Stern asked Melania if she had sex with Trump daily, she told him “even more.” She also added how the two of them had a “great, great time.” To say that this is anywhere near “weird details” is one heck of a stretch. Sure, Howard Stern is known for this kind of stuff — he seems to bring everything back to sex — but he’s built an empire for himself doing this for decades.

Elite Daily suggests that Stern goes on “being a sexist creep” while interviewing Trump, followed by Melania talking to him via the phone. Howard Stern has had some prominent people on his show in the past, and they were guests despite Stern’s reputation as being a bit crude at times. According to Ranker, the late John F. Kennedy Jr. was a guest, as was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ranked higher on the list for Stern’s best ever guests from Ranker than Donald Trump did when it comes to fan favorites. Paul McCartney, Robert Duvall, and Geraldo Rivera are just a few of the almost 100 names on that list.

Trump’s interview in 1999 was long before he had serious sights on the White House and the 90s was a popular era for Stern’s show. Melania was just at home minding her own business when she got the phone call that is now in the headlines today being described as Melania spilling the beans on her sex life. This comes on the heels of the news and social media sites reporting that “It’s Official, First Lady Melania Trump is More Popular Than Her Husband,” which is the headline coming from Refinery29 today.

According to Refinery29, “A recent CNN/ORC poll found that 52% of Americans have a favorable view of FLOTUS.” That is a sizable jump from the 36 percent approval rating she held after her husband was elected and up until Trump was inaugurated in late January.

Melania is almost 20 years older than she was back when that interview was done with Stern, as is President Trump. Sure, they lived a life that was a bit extravagant and being on Stern’s show might have been part of that extravagance. They were a lot younger in the 90s and being a guest on the Howard Stern Show was something many celebrities were doing back then, as well as today.

That was almost two decades ago and they are different people today than they were in 1999. For one thing Melania is a mother today and she makes this her number one priority. Donald Trump is putting all his time and work into America for the people of this nation. So what if they were on Stern’s show two decades ago, it doesn’t change who they are today or take away from what they are doing for this country.

While Stern can be a bit crude at times, there wasn’t any harm done with this interview. Melania certainly didn’t say anything out of line. It seems a bit coincidental that this “video” would “resurface” on the heels of some terrific news regarding Melania’s popularity. Isn’t it time to say enough is enough?

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/AP Images]