Alec Baldwin Was Told He Helped Elect Donald Trump With His ‘SNL’ Impersonation? [Opinion]

Alec Baldwin has morphed himself into a caricature of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live since Trump popped up as a presidential hopeful. He continues to demean Trump in his parodies week after week, but apparently now he is ready to put the Baldwin-Trump act to bed. During a recent interview with USA Today, Baldwin did offer up something he admires about Trump, which is something that Baldwin himself struggled with a while back. He admires the loyalty of Trump’s children.

Baldwin thought Trump was not president material and he completely disqualified him for the accusations that “surfaced about his misogyny and women and things like that. I thought, Oh, God, this is just, dust off the Air Force One for Hillary Clinton,” said Baldwin.

This is the same man who called his 11-year-old daughter a “thoughtless little pig,” as reported in an article from TMZ back in 2007. This was in Baldwin’s own voice heard on a voicemail that he left for his daughter. It is not just some accusations that were thrown at him without proof by his critics, like what was done to Trump. At the time a family court judge found Baldwin’s words so alarming that she temporarily barred him from having any contact with his daughter, cites TMZ.

The real kicker of this Baldwin interview after months and months of Trump bashing has to be what he says about people telling him he had a hand in getting Trump elected. Once he was done reflecting on Trump’s loyal family, he offered up a jaw-dropping moment. That is when Baldwin talked about people telling him that he helped get Trump elected. What?

Baldwin said to the interviewer, “You know, Trump, some people would say to me very pointedly, how do you feel that you helped Trump get elected?” Baldwin claims some people actually ask him this. Is there really anyone out there that thinks Alec Baldwin played a part in Trump being in the White House today? Baldwin said that people would say how his parody “humanized” Trump. He also said that people have told him that “you kind of trivialized him in a way that softened him to the public.” Baldwin was quick to say that was not his goal at all.

The main subject of this interview appeared to be Baldwin ready to hang his SNL Trump hat up, for various reasons, but he certainly slid some surprises into the answers of the questions the interviewer had asked him. He did have some more to say about Trump’s children, like offering up why they appear “very loyal to him.”

Baldwin claims that this loyalty “must say something for him. Because otherwise his kids would just vanish.” He goes on to say that Trump’s kids certainly have the monetary means to sever themselves from Trump, but they are “fiercely loyal to him.” While most would say this does say something huge for Trump as a father, “loyal” was about as far as Baldwin went with his thoughts. Donald Trump has earned the love and respect of his five children for being the type of father he was and still is today.

When Baldwin was asked by the interviewer if he liked anything about Donald Trump, there wasn’t anything other than the loyalty of his kids that he would bring up, but he added that when it comes to Trump’s politics, there is “really nothing he could say” about liking anything. When asked how long he plans to carry on his Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live, he said, ” I don’t know. I can honestly say I don’t think much longer. Meaning this season, I would do it.”

Baldwin also gave somewhat of a reason for wanting to put the Trump impersonation on SNL to bed. He said, “I do think that people are, I could be wrong, but I do think that people are growing, not so much weary of it, where they think it’s funny, but they don’t know if it’s achieving any practical purposes.” Donald Trump didn’t think it was at all funny and each week it seemed Baldwin would poke at the president a little more than the week before. Trump tweeted his thoughts periodically, like what he said in the tweet below.

When asked “if he feared any kind of repercussions for lampooning Trump,” Baldwin said, “No, I never thought that.” He is not at all worried that his “taxes are going to get audited or that kind of thing,” he said. This appears to say something for how Baldwin really sees Trump.

Whether Baldwin is admitting or not, he apparently doesn’t see Trump as underhanded. This appears to be the case when he said that he didn’t see the president retaliating using the government to audit his taxes. He still maintains he feels Trump is disqualified to be president of the nation, but like many of the other Trump critics, they are still screaming about past allegations that were made against Trump when he was still on the campaign trail. There has been so much hype on Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump on SNL that a Dominican newspaper used a picture of Baldwin playing Trump, mistaking him for the real Donald Trump.

Look what Trump has done in the short time he’s been in office. He has saved thousands of jobs and is in the middle of saving the failing healthcare system. He is working seven days a week and he doesn’t have eight-hour work days. His day starts early in the morning and sometimes it goes into the late hours of the night. He didn’t have to run for president of this country, Trump had all the luxuries and enough money to support him through 100 lifetimes, but he went to work to fix what was broken with America.

He’s not even taking the small presidential salary. According to the Business Insider, the office of the U.S. president pulls in “a salary of $400,000, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment.” This is small in comparison to duties that come along with the job of running the greatest country in the world. He is not gaining financially from his new job. He’s put his life on hold to do this job for the American people. Instead of bashing the man, it may be time to say thank you.

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