Shemar Moore On ‘S.W.A.T.’: CBS Frenzy Removes ‘Doubt’ For ‘Criminal Minds BB’ [Opinion]

Is Shemar Moore safe on CBS’ new S.W.A.T. amid CBS’ rash and frenzied policy of senseless changes, without considering the consequences? From poorly thought out casting changes on Criminal Minds to new shows like Doubt that can’t last two weeks in the real world of ratings, even in good time slots.

Shemar Moore who formerly portrayed Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds has landed a leading role in S.W.A.T. Shemar Moore will play a character very similar to Derek Morgan in the new police drama, according to Buddy TV.

CBS’ Criminal Minds has been a flagship show any network would be proud to carry, but shortly after Shemar Moore decided to leave Criminal Minds, CBS effectively pulled the plug on Criminal Minds by terminating veteran actor Thomas Gibson and publicly accusing him, Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp style, of physical assault.

Shemar Moore’s departure left Criminal Minds on shaky ground. Moore had a lot of fans, and many Criminal Minds viewers loved the quasi-courtship banter between Kirsten Vangsness’ and Shemar Moore as “Baby Girl” and “Chocolate Thunder.”

Criminal Minds without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore is losing viewers in the living rooms of real people all over the world. Criminal Minds without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore isn’t getting support from mainstream America either, thanks to CBS’ handling of Thomas Gibson’s departure.

CBS and ABC decided to grandstand about the famous kick Thomas Gibson allegedly gave Virgil Williams which upon further study sounds arguably accidental, according to this Inquisitr article. The report was reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s alleged cell phone tossing attack on Amber Heard.

Will Shemar Moore be safe on S.W.A.T during the CBS upheaval and Criminal Minds plummet from stellar to slightly less than mediocre ratings? Well, he’s still on CBS, so the jury is still out.

Thomas Gibson and Kirsten Vangsness

Thomas Gibson was not the first to be arbitrarily fired from Criminal Minds. Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook were arbitrarily dismissed in 2011. That time, though, fan protests brought the women back according to Cinema Blend.

“CBS had just called Ed Bernero and said, “I want new women.” So we were fired, the fans were upset, there was a petition… I was heartbroken.”

Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson’s departure, as well as the arbitrary dismissal of Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook, should have proved to CBS, that a show can be hurt badly by losing two main characters at once. Actors are not interchangeable parts, and fans watch a show for the actors, not necessarily just the plot.

Thomas Gibson fans are protesting Gibson’s departure on Twitter, with the #NoHotchNoWatch. Fans are furious at the way CBS and ABC have treated the Criminal Minds veteran. The current Criminal Minds cast, Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, AJ Cook and the rest, are caught in the middle, between irate fans and a stubborn CBS who refuses to bring back Thomas Gibson.

Shemar Moore’s departure was well timed, as he totally escaped the fallout of CBS firing Thomas Gibson, but his absence only compounds Criminal Minds’ failing ratings. #NoHotchNoWatch fans seem to be outspoken examples of a largely held sentiment since viewership has dropped from about 9 million viewers to 6.54 million viewers according to TV Series Finale.

Perhaps Hollywood is completely out of touch with what viewers care about, what people think and what they want to see. It might be time to reassess the demographics and widely held opinions of the CBS audience. Just who was watching Criminal Minds, and apparently not watching Doubt, Scream Queens and other low rated and recently dropped shows. Perhaps they should play to real viewers rather than their imagined concept of viewers.

Shemar Moore, Thomas Gibson. and other well-known faces are a major part of what viewers want to see. Viewers want a bit of comfort with their excitement, and a big part of that comfort is the stars they have known for years, portraying familiar roles in familiar series. The world is changing fast, but mainstay shows need stability now more than ever.

Does CBS have no idea what people want to see? In what must be the shortest running series on television, CBS aired Doubt for two episodes, before removing it from their line up according to Deadline.

Shemar Moore looking hot on a faux leopard skin sofa

Shemar Moore’s role on S.W.A.T. should be safe. The plot is based on a 1975 series, back when Hollywood was possibly more in touch with viewer preferences. S.W.A.T was also a successful movie, in which Samuel L. Jackson portrayed the role that was given to Shemar Moore.

CBS stuck with something that had previous success with S.W.A.T., and the show will likely make it. Criminal Minds with its long and successful run is also a sure bet if Thomas Gibson could return, but sunk with the loss of not one but two mainstay actors in Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore.

Shemar Moore’s return would be ideal for Criminal Minds, but it seems unlikely to happen, considering his new role on S.W.A.T. but if Thomas Gibson could return perhaps that would make this former flagship show a success again.

CBS championed their new show, Doubt, then pushed the panic button two episodes in. CBS’ decisions look fairly flippant, but removing Doubt did benefit Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds Beyond Borders will air in its place, revamping the previously sidelined spinoff series. CBS has not ruled out returning Doubt at a later time.

So for those who missed Doubt on CBS, here is a brief synopsis of Doubt from Washington Blade.

“‘Doubt’ followed attorneys at a New York City law firm including [Katherine] Heigl who played a lawyer falling for her client and [Laverne] Cox who portrayed a transgender lawyer.”


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Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson leaving at the same time left a gap in Criminal Minds that is hard to fill, and blaming Thomas Gibson’s behavior seems to have backfired for CBS.

CBS only inflamed its audience when it attempted to publicly humiliate a veteran actor. Amber Heard and Angelina Jolie learned the same lesson. No one is going to believe beloved stars like Thomas Gibson, Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt are abusive monsters. Fans only get enraged at accusers.

Did Shemar Moore exit CBS’ Criminal Minds just in time, and did he run far enough when he took a new role on CBS’ S.W.A.T?

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