Triple H’s New Stable: An Updated Look At The Rumored Heel Faction’s Most Likely Members [Opinion]

It’s been a little more than two days since the last Monday Night RAW ended, but many fans may have missed what could be the start of something big. With all the focus on Goldberg and Brock Lesnar teasing their Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 33, as well as Roman Reigns’ confrontation with The Undertaker, and the confirmation of Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens for the United States Championship at ‘Mania, it was easy to neglect mentioning the obvious and not-so-obvious clues that Triple H’s rumored stable may be close to coming together.

Owens and Jericho face off, then a wild Samoa Joe appears

WWE dropped the perhaps most obvious clue of an upcoming Triple H stable on this week’s Monday Night RAW, right after Chris Jericho agreed to put his United States title on the line at WrestleMania 33 against Kevin Owens. As is often the case when two storyline friends fall out in the worst way possible, the promo showdown between “Y2J” and “KO” degenerated into a brawl, but what stood out as interesting was how Samoa Joe had ran out to help Owens beat down on Jericho. Then Sami Zayn ran in to even things up for the babyfaces. This led to the booking of two matches — Owens vs. Zayn and Joe vs. Jericho — and in both cases, the heels won convincingly.

Seeing Triple H’s new on-air protege Samoa Joe run in to help Kevin Owens seemed like a dead giveaway that both men will be answering to WWE’s storyline Chief Operating Officer at some point in the near future. But aside from that, we’ve been hearing the rumors for weeks, ever since Owens turned on Jericho during the “Festival of Friendship” angle on the February 13 RAW. Aside from noting the secret conversation Triple H had with KO ahead of the Festival of Friendship beatdown, briefly quoted Owens’ words from the following week’s RAW, where he wore a suit while cutting his promo, similar to how Triple H and the rest of Evolution sometimes used to appear back in their mid-2000s heyday.

“I know how to play the game better than anyone else.”

As we know, “The Game” is one of Triple H’s many nicknames. Add that to Samoa Joe’s involvement in Monday night’s Owens vs. Jericho post-promo brawl, and it’s easy to expect “The Destroyer” working together with recently-dethroned Universal Champion Owens as they seek to win some gold for Triple H.

Adding a little Flair to the stable

There has been some talk about Triple H’s new stable including a female member, and the Inquisitr wrote late last month that Charlotte Flair may make a good addition to the faction. On this week’s Monday Night RAW, WWE may have dropped some subtle hints at this possibility and may have done so by having RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon act especially preferential toward Charlotte during her in-ring segment with Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Now it isn’t unusual for heel authority figures to favor villainous characters when making decisions, but we should remember the very well-known fact that Stephanie is Triple H’s wife, and that they were the leaders of The Authority, a recent heel faction that, at various points, included Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Big Show, and even semi-retired wrestlers/road agents Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury as the bumbling comic relief duo “J&J Security.” It seems clear that Charlotte is getting special treatment from the “Billion Dollar Princess,” and if she wins her RAW Women’s Championship back at WrestleMania 33, it would be no shock if Stephanie would be involved in one way or ano ther.

We should also point out what theT Inquisitr observed in the aforementioned late-February piece — Charlotte is, of course, former Evolution member Ric Flair’s daughter, and having her in Triple H’s rumored stable would be a callback to the elder Flair’s Evolution membership.

Supreme control of RAW: Fans suggest other potential stable members

Now there hasn’t been much talk about whether the purported heel faction will include wrestlers who could contend for, or currently hold other titles. But a Reddit thread from last night has included some fan theories and opinions on who else would make a good fit for Triple H’s stable. In this thread, which proposed Cruiserweight Champion Neville as an additional member, one Redditor agreed, while adding that the stable may also need a pair of tag team specialists, so as to help the faction control all of the RAW brand by holding, or at least fighting for, all the red brand’s belts.

“It also makes sense that Triple H’s stable would want to control every aspect of WWE/RAW. Owens and Joe can be in the Universal and US Title picture, Neville can be in the Cruiserweight title picture, Charlotte can control the women’s division, and you can use either Gallows and Anderson (say that Triple H signed them) or a debuting The Revival for the tag division.”

Do you have any other suggested members for the rumored Triple H stable? Do you see it as something being closer to The Evolution or to The Authority, or somewhere in between? And if you’re one of those fans who favor SmackDown Live programming to Monday Night RAW, do you think the stable will help turn things around for the red brand? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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