‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Says He Is Too Intelligent To Enjoy Reality TV [Opinion]

Yikes! Well, it’s almost that time of year, the season when Southern Charm returns to Bravo, and fans are on social media, tweeting about their favorite (and least favorite) Southern Charm cast members. But fans know it is also the time of year when Thomas Ravenel does his tweet-and-delete thing. Fellow cast member Shep Rose has said that late in the evening, after a few drinks, Ravenel gets on social media and shares his thought, and that he might want to stop doing that. Well, he’s at it again, and this time, he’s not dissing baby mama Kathryn Dennis, but rather he’s speaking ill of his fans and folks who watch reality television. But according to Thomas Ravenel, you probably don’t get it, because you aren’t that smart like him.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Ravenel came down with foot-in-mouth disease, says the Inquisitr. In a taped interview, Quintin Washington got Thomas Ravenel to sit down for a chat, and it seemed as if Ravenel really enjoys the sound of his own voice. He rattled on about his interests, his arrest for cocaine charges, and how smoking pot is a victimless crime.

Well ladies and gents looks like you will be seeing me on the next season of Southern Charm #ThomasRavenel

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But none of this comes close to what Thomas Ravenel had to say lately about his fans, because he doesn’t think they are terribly smart, or at least they aren’t as smart as he is, bless their hearts, according to Fitsnews. Well, Thomas might be book smart, but he isn’t sharp enough not to gnaw on the hands that feed him.


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It’s lucky for Ravenel that he enjoys playing polo, because for the life of him, he cannot enjoy pedestrian pursuits, like watching reality television. Ravenel tweeted to his fans that his smarts don’t allow him to get any pleasure from watching Southern Charm, or any other lowbrow Bravo shows.

“My brain won’t let me enjoy reality tv. It scored (too) high on the SATs. I don’t even watch my own show.”

Huh. What’s funny about this is two-fold. First, why, oh why, would you essentially call the only people on the planet who still believe you are charming dumb? Next, while it might be true that reality television is not your favorite genre, are you really saying that you don’t watch your own show, Southern Charm?

Sources close to Thomas Ravenel say that he is nearly obsessed with watching himself on the show, and that he then spends equal time reading everything online written about him, which includes each comment below his tweets and photos. But it’s awesome that 40 years ago you did well on the SATs!

Well, it seems that quite a few people read Thomas Ravenel’s deep late-night thoughts on what kind of people watch Southern Charm, and reality shows in general, and those people were able to put their thoughts in words that didn’t get deleted.

“T-Rav is a drug dealing felon, misogynist, ‘baby daddy’ and near pedophile with the morals of an alley cat and the political future of Jimmy Carter or Al Gore.”

And many “fans” of Ravenel are still really focused on the drug angle, and are not grateful that Thomas Ravenel is around to explain things to those who watch reality television.

“He’s a rich, old loser cokehead who can only get women with drugs.”

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As a Southern Charm fan, are you offended?

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