Ivanka Trump Perfume Sales Soar: Did America Thumb Its Nose At Nordstrom? [Opinion]

Ivanka Trump apparently doesn’t need Nordstrom to sell her product line, not if the weekend sales online of Ivanka’s perfume is any indication of how America feels about the first daughter and her wares. It was recently announced by Nordstrom that the Ivanka Trump brand of products would no longer be sold at the upscale store. Many believe this was due to one reason: Ivanka has Donald Trump as a father.

While Nordstrom reported that their decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s products had nothing to do with politics, Donald Trump sees this a bit differently. Nordstrom claimed it was “poor sales” that caused their decision to oust the Ivanka Trump name from their store shelves, according to the Telegraph.

Donald Trump saw this as Ivanka being treated “so unfairly” by the company, as did his top adviser, Kellyanne Conway. The president’s adviser was so peeved over Ivanka’s products being ousted from the store that she got into some hot water by voicing her thoughts. During an interview on national television, Conway advocated for America to buy Ivanka’s products, starting a firestorm with Trump’s critics.

Conway was counseled by the lawyers at the White House for what was seen by Trump’s critics as a sales pitch for Ivanka’s wares. What America was seeing was Kellyanne Conway spitting tacks over Ivanka allegedly being targeted because she is the daughter of Donald Trump.

Whether it was the news alleging that Ivanka had been slighted or Kellyanne’s urging American to buy Ivanka’s products, something worked. On Saturday two of the Ivanka Trump Parfum products took up the number one and number two spots of Amazon’s best-selling Women’s Eau de Parfum. Ivanka’s spray perfume was number one, followed by the perfume in a roller as number two.

It looks as though folks have voiced their opinion. Amazon’s soaring sales might have been a way for America to send a message to Nordstrom, not to mention the campaign to boycott Trump’s family’s products from #GrabYourWallet. That campaign urged shoppers to boycott any products having to do with Donald Trump, his family, and his donors. That included Ivanka and her many products.

Mixing politics and business is new to the Trump family and it took a little bit of trial and error before they learned some of the do’s and don’t’s. One case in point is Ivanka’s gold bracelet that she wore during her 60 Minutes interview on CBS. Her company sent journalists a “style alert” by email after Ivanka’s interview.

As noted in a CBS News article from November, it was such a pricey bracelet that this style alert worked against the grain for Ivanka. Instead of working to advertise the bracelet, the style alert was used to chastise Ivanka for promoting a $10,800 gold and diamond bracelet, which is way out of the average consumer’s reach.

Ivanka, who sat in the front row with the rest of her family around her for this Trump family interview, was wearing the bracelet. This style alert also worked against Ivanka, as many noted the Trump family was using this news interview as an advertising venue, which was not what they intended to do.

A statement from Ivanka’s company was sent to CBS News stating that a “well-intentioned employee” sent out the email style alert. They also said in the email that the company is just learning the ropes of the new business-politics procedures with Trump being the next president of the nation.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]