Obama Sticks To Vow On Trump’s Wiretapping Tweets: Careful With Words Of Denial? [Opinion]

The scene of Barack and Michelle Obama sharing a good laugh together as Obama recited Trump’s wiretapping tweets was more than likely not playing out at the Obama home on Saturday morning, as one satirical writer mused. Coffee and hysterical laughter didn’t appear to be the case for the couple as accusations of Obama ordering the wiretapping of Trump’s phones blared across the news after several of Trump’s 6 a.m. tweets.

Andy Borowitz, who offers satire in his Borowitz Report from the New Yorker, painted a rather laid-back picture of Barack and Michelle Obama when they first learned of Trump’s serious accusations against the former president in the several tweets that went viral on Saturday. Since Obama hasn’t spoken out directly about the wiretapping accusations coming from Trump, some might have surmised that Obama let this roll off his back and did little more than share a chuckle with Michelle over Trump’s barrage of tweets. For some, that might be the way they’d like to see Obama take this news, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Besides Obama’s camp releasing a statement and a few tweets that appeared carefully worded, Obama has not personally addressed Trump’s accusation of him ordering the wiretapping of his phones at Trump Towers, according to the Business Insider. With Obama not addressing these tweets himself and with a somewhat open-ended statement released by his camp, some are wondering if there is a reason that the wiretapping wasn’t emphatically denied by Obama in his own words.

As Red State suggests, “when people say that Bush invaded Iraq or Osama bin Laden destroyed the Twin Towers do they actually mean the men themselves did it?” No, they mean the deed was carried out under an order from these noted men.

“What neither of the tweets deny is that a wiretap was ordered by the Obama administration and that it was carried out,” suggests Red State.

Red State also points out what Obama’s former speech writer had to say in a tweet regarding what Obama’s camp is not saying. Jon Favreau’s tweet is seen below.

So far, “the closest glimpse at Obama’s thinking about the allegations” are coming from people who are in Obama’s inner circle. “People close to Obama” told the Wall Street Journal that Obama’s reaction to Trump’s tweets was fury. Obama was “furious” about the accusations of wiretapping coming from Trump, which are “unfounded accusations.” Obama is “livid” over Trump’s tweets as the people close to Trump believe it was done to “undermined the integrity of the office of the president and Mr. Obama himself.”

So why hasn’t Obama addressed these accusations himself? According to Business Insider, before Obama left office, he said that he wouldn’t respond to “every controversial thing Trump tweeted.” Obama did say during his last press conference in office that he would “examine it when it comes.” He wasn’t going to let it slide if it concerned “core questions about our values and our ideals.”

The people closest to Obama seem to think that Trump’s tweets fall under the “core questions about our values and ideas,” but it seems Obama is letting others do the talking about Trump’s wiretapping allegations. So far, he hasn’t broken this vow regarding addressing Trump’s tweets. When Obama exited the office of the president he left a legacy, which is slowly being dismantled by Trump’s administration. It is mainly the Obamacare health care plan that is being pulled apart today, but the integrity of Obama is in question with Trump’s latest wiretapping tweets. This is another peck at Obama’s legacy today.

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