‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2017- How Is A Winner So Obvious To Some Already? [Opinion]

As usual, the Dancing with the Stars lineup is filled with celebrities and sports figures who have had their 15 minutes of fame at one time. Now some are looking for a jump-start into a second wind of star power while others are coming out of retirement just to have some fun. Then there are those who just want to see if they have what it takes to be a winner of the Dancing with the Stars competition.

There is such a variety of Dancing with the Stars contestants this new season and without anyone taking so much as a gander at their dance steps, some serious predictions on winners are already popping up. From the NFL player to the aging “Cuchi-Cuchi” girl who hit the height of her fame in another century, just how can anyone predict a winner? One thing is for sure – these folks are all ready to cut a rug right into the winner’s circle.

On March 20, the 400th episode of Dancing with the Stars will air, which also happens to be the premiere of Season 24, reports ABC News. It seems that high hopes are held for those who come to the Dancing with the Stars competition after a career that kept them physically moving. That is if the bookmakers’ odds are any indication.

Bookmaker.eu has Rashad Jennings as one of the top favorites to win, reports NJ.com. While he can run and he’s got some fast dance moves after a touchdown, is this the guy who will really go home as the 24th season Dancing with the Stars winner? Playing football and then crossing over to professional-like dancing is quite the stretch, although it has been done before. But can he be light on his feet? Dancing with the Stars is somewhat of a contact sport, but not the kind he is used to.

There are lot of delicate moves in the dances on this ABC show, can Jennings get his feet and body to sway around these moves? He does have pro Emma Slater in his corner and a recent tweet, which is seen below from Jennings, suggests that things are good between these two dance partners.

The very top favorite to win is Olympic Gold medalist Simone Biles, who is only 19-years old. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why she would be the favorite to win Dancing with the Stars. She can fly through the air with the greatest of ease when doing her gymnastic moves and that takes a lot of training to get your body ready and willing to do that.

Her partner Shasha Farber should have an easy time when training this little lady. Simone is at +200 and so far away from the rest of the cast when it comes to the odds that it is easy to see why bookies think she’s a shoe-in for a Dancing with the Stars win.

Heather Morris is the closest in odds to Biles. Morris sits with a +500, which puts her in second place with the predictions to win. She is best known for her role on Glee, which was a hit show from Fox. She’s shown her talent as a dancer and actress on Glee, but that was a TV show and not like a real-life competition.

A lot of the stuff she did on Glee was scripted and it could be edited when needed, as it wasn’t a live show. Morris is probably sitting with the second best odds because she had all the right moves on the show Glee, again not real life. While she does have “dancer” on her resume, she was also an actress playing a role of a singer and dancer. She has Maksim Chmerkovskiy as her partner. Chmerkovskiy is a real-life great when it comes to dancing, so maybe he’s been factored in when giving her such great odds?

Here is the lineup from favorites on down:

  • Simone Biles +200
  • Heather Morris +500
  • Nancy Kerrigan +700
  • Rashad Jennings +750
  • Bonner Bolton +950
  • Normani Kordei +900
  • Nick Viall +1100
  • Mr. T +1200
  • Erika Jayne +1200
  • David Ross +1300
  • Charo +1400
  • Chris Kattan +1500

Some of these odds make sense like what you see with Charo, who is second from the bottom of the list. She’s 65-years-old and in terrific shape, but her “Cuchi-Cuchi” dance of yesteryear is not something that is going to bring her into the winning circle of Dancing with the Stars.

Chris Kattan is an alum of Saturday Night Live and quite the comedian, but why do you suppose he is sitting at the very bottom, even below a senior citizen in the lineup? Do folks expect him to go for more laughs than serious dance moves because of his SNL history? It’s not as if he is sporting a beer gut or anything. He looks like he is in pretty good shape in his Dancing with the Stars promo pictures. So why the +1500?

Mr. T, who looks better than he ever, may just surprise the masses and cut a rug better than the Dancing with the Stars contestants half his age. You just never know who will pop out as a great celebrity dancer this time around. Right now, Mr. T. has every bit the chance as Simone Biles does, as the canvas is clean. Now all he has to do is paint it with some dancing moves. In a couple of more weeks, the fans will be able to see for themselves who really has the moves and who is struggling when Dancing with the Stars airs its 400th episode and the premiere of Season 24.

[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]