Did Nick, Raven Sleep Together? Gates Fakes It To Win ‘The Bachelor’ Finale [Opinion]

Did Nick Viall and Raven Gates sleep together? After the two were in the Fantasy Suite to spend the night, Raven had a lot to say about their time together. Though she said very few words, she meant plenty. The question is: is it going to decide who wins The Bachelor finale?

Did Nick Viall and Raven Gates sleep together?

There was a strong hint from Raven that she had sex with The Bachelor Nick. What she also might have meant was that she had an orgasm. Now, Raven has already announced that she is not a virgin. However, the only man she was with before apparently failed to give her an orgasm. The morning after she spent the night with Nick, Raven gave a huge compliment to him.

“Nick is really good at what he does, so I’m pretty satisfied today.”

This was not the only thing that she said, by the way. She also said that it was “nice and relaxing” to be alone physically with Nick. The Fantasy Suite apparently worked well for the couple. But, there has to be some background check here. Raven has been pretty open about her sexual history and her ex-partner’s incapability of giving her an orgasm. Bustle, however, notes that it is quite common for women not to have an orgasm through “traditional penetrative” sex.

As the Bachelor finale is just around the corner, these small moments might matter in the long run. Many are convinced about Nick and Raven sleeping together. Raven’s openness about her ex-partner has impressed a lot of people. However, the ex-partner is far from impressed. The man in question here is Hunter Henry.

Raven has talked about Hunter, with whom she had a relationship for two years, many times on the show. She said she never said “I love you” to him. She also claimed that Hunter was caught having sex with another woman. She attacked him with a high-heeled shoe when she caught them red-handed.

The Bachelor finale is just around the corner

However, the man himself hardly ever got a chance to tell his side of the story. When he opened up about his relation with Raven to Us Weekly, he gave a totally different picture. He claimed that Raven was not telling the truth regarding a few things.

“Comments made by Raven about our relationship are skewed and untrue,” Raven’s ex-partner said. “Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing. And she has told me she loved me multiple times, just for the record.”

Despite the differences of opinion with Raven, Hunter wished her all the best. Raven now has a 50/50 chance of winning the show, since she is now one of the top two contestants, along with Vanessa Grimaldi. While Nick has not spoken much about his night with Raven, he told her in the Fantasy Suite that she meant a lot to him.

Conspiracy Theory

Here’s a tiny conspiracy theory to spice up The Bachelor finale. Suppose Nick Viall and Raven Gates did sleep together. What if Raven did tell a lie about not having an orgasm ever in her life? You can prove that she had a boyfriend before. But, you cannot prove if she had an orgasm, right? When a man comes to know that the woman he’s sleeping with never had an orgasm, it sure throws a challenge at him. What if Raven told another lie about having an orgasm with Nick (she actually said “satisfied”)? It must have massaged Nick’s male ego like anything. He did what Hunter Henry could not. Feels great, right?

Raven Gates has played pretty well here. It’ll be interesting to see if she manages to win The Bachelor finale with this trick.

The Bachelor Finale will air on Monday, March 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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