Trump Media Poll: MSM Is Opposition Party To The President, Say Americans [Opinion]

A Trump media poll by Investor’s Business Daily has revealed that a majority of Americans view the mainstream media as the main party of opposition to the president. Politically speaking, the main party of opposition to the president of the United States should be the political party opposite that of the president. In Donald Trump’s case, that would be the Democratic Party, as he represents the Republicans, but more Americans than not believe that this time around, the elite media has taken precedence over the traditional party of opposition.

Specifically, the Trump media poll indicates that 54 percent of Americans believe the media “has assumed the role of the opposition party, constantly opposing the president and his policies at every turn.” Close to the same amount (55 percent) are beginning to resent the continuous fault-finding rhetoric of Trump by the mainstream news.

Why would this be? I can think of a lot of reasons. Even in Trump’s short time in office, data exists to prove that the media has had it out for him from day one, and most Americans know they had it out for him way before that, starting on that day in July of 2015 when he announced he was running.

Prior to the Trump media poll given by IBD/TIPP, the results of a study by NewsBusters indicated that a whopping 88 percent of the media coverage of Trump during his first 30 days as president was “hostile” in nature. That’s a lot, and I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who think this negative coverage is Trump’s own doing, but my response to that would be, “Are you sure?” The thing these people don’t understand is that if the media wanted to, they could have covered Obama’s presidency just as negatively as they’re covering Trump’s.

To give an example, the story of President Trump’s first military raid in Yemen that consequently ended the life of Navy SEAL officer William Owens and civilian innocents was politicized from the very beginning. The same journalists who skewered Trump for the failure of this raid would not have been caught dead doing the same thing to Obama, who had his fair share of failures in the Middle East. The mainstream media doesn’t care about Owens or any of the others who perished in Yemen. They only care about making Trump look as cold-hearted and incompetent as possible.

The Atlantic’s Andrew Exum agrees with me, as a few days after the raid made headlines, he penned a piece in which he detailed the reasons why politicizing it is unfair, malapropos, and destructive.

Exum is far from a Trump loyalist, making his article all the more valuable because by writing and publishing it, he was doing something most mainstream media journalists never do: standing up for what he believes in regardless of the personal or social ramifications.

“The left cannot on the one hand claim Donald Trump is ignorant of military and security affairs, and then on the other hand expect him to second-guess the professional recommendations of his uniformed and civilian military leadership.”

Gee, that almost sounds like — what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yes, “logic,” of which I personally believe is seriously lacking in much of the anti-Trump crowd. It’s not all their fault, though. The mainstream media plays a huge role in fueling the illogical anti-Trump fire.

What makes Exum’s article all the better is the fact that he knows what he’s talking about, as he served as a lead representative of the Department of Defense under President Obama. There are many decisions to be made on the battlefield, and the president isn’t the sole decision-maker.

“America cannot punish its elected officials for allowing its military, diplomatic corps, and intelligence services to take risks necessary to pursue its interests.”

That is, unless your name is Donald Trump.

I wonder how much of the American public realizes how often the mainstream media uses their ignorance to establish and maintain narratives. Using the Yemen raid as an example, what percentage of American civilians do you suppose know how a military operation such as this is executed on a step-by-step basis? Twenty percent? I’d say less than that, which is why media outlets like the New York Times, NPR, and the Guardian get away with publishing articles that seem to place most, if not all, the blame on Trump.

Yemen protest against Obama drone strikes

Now, let’s discuss the mainstream media’s treatment of Obama’s dealings with the quandary in the Middle East. In early January, before Obama transferred the reigns over to Trump, it was revealed that under Obama, at least 26,171 bombs were dropped on seven countries in the Middle East in 2016 alone. Just as the Yemen raid was authorized by Trump, all of those bombs were authorized to be dropped by Obama, and based on the original source of this data, the actual bomb number is likely to be a lot higher than 26,171.

Do you believe all those explosions didn’t take the lives of non-combatants, i.e. innocent civilians, by way of Obama’s decision-making?

In mid-2016, the U.S. government revealed that between January 20, 2009, and December 31, 2015, there were no less than 64 and no more than 116 civilians who died in their efforts to combat Islamic radicals. However, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, an alternative media organization who did their own tallying of deaths, those numbers are way off.

“This is a fraction of the 380 to 801 civilian casualty range recorded by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism from reports by local and international journalists, NGO investigators, leaked government documents, court papers and the result of field investigations.”

Can you imagine what the media would do if Trump claimed that fewer people died under his authority than they actually did? He and the American people would never hear the end of it.

Obama drone in Afghanistan

In addition to this, there’s more than enough evidence out there to prove Obama is responsible (as much as Trump was responsible for the Yemen raid) for the deaths of Americans and innocents.

In the spring of 2011, a drone strike authorized by Obama took the lives of Sergeant Jeremy Smith of the U.S. Marine Corps and Benjamin Rast of the Navy.

In the summer of 2014, six good guys (five Americans and one Afghan GI) were killed by the explosions of two bombs dropped by U.S. forces. Fast-forward a few months and it’s “likely” two non-combatant youths died in the midst of a flurry of drone strikes. A couple months after that, and it’s also “likely” four innocents met their deaths as Americans openly attacked an ISIS outpost.

And in October 2015, forty-two civilians died by the gunfire of an AC-130 battleship in Afghanistan.

Do you remember the media publishing article after article about any of these instances? Did media journalists care about these lives that were lost under Obama’s watch?

Of course not. They only care about this stuff when they can use it to demonize Trump. It’s really no wonder he hates the mainstream media as much as he does.

This Trump media poll tells me that Americans are starting to wake up a bit to Project Delegitimize President Trump by the mainstream press. Hopefully, more and more people will start to feel this way and news channel ratings will take a hit as a result. They don’t deserve a fraction of the power they’re currently wielding.

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