‘Days Of Our Lives’: How Arianne Zucker Should Exit Salem As Nicole Walker [Opinion]

Days Of Our Lives fans were shocked to find out that Arianne Zucker is leaving the NBC soap opera. The actress has starred as Nicole Walker since 1998. Between then and now, she has only taken one break and that lasted two years. However, this isn’t just a break from Salem. She stated that it was time for her to go. Now that viewers have had time to process the news, how should the character exit?

DOOL theories are below. Do not continue reading unless you are interested in finding out what might happen on the NBC soap opera.

'Days Of Our Lives': How Arianne Zucker Should Exit Salem As Nicole Walker

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Nicole Walker will be leaving Salem. Arianne Zucker’s contract is up in April 2017. Since the long-running series films several months in advance, fans can expect to see Nicole until fall of this year. For a long time, viewers have not been happy with how writers seem to always leave Nicole in pain. Just when there seems to be a shimmer of happiness for her, a loved one dies, a surrogate gets custody of her baby, or criminal charges are filed against her. It just seems to be a never-ending source of pain for Nicole on Days Of Our Lives.

The actress agreed with this and explained to Soap Opera Digest that Nicole’s storylines play a small factor in her decision to leave. It was also revealed that her real-life boyfriend, Shawn Christian, did not leave the soap opera on his own accord. Instead, he was fired and apparently, it was pretty shocking to both Arianne and Shawn.

With Zucker leaving DOOL, how should her character exit the NBC soap opera? For one, a judge should give Nicole custody of her biological daughter, Holly. Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) keeping the fact that the second IVF treatment was successful was wrong. She lied to Nicole over and over during the entire pregnancy. Then, when it was finally revealed that Holly belonged to Nicole and Daniel Jonas (formerly Shawn Christian), Arianne’s character faced possible attempted murder charges. Thankfully, those went away, but then a judge gave Chloe custody of Nicole’s baby on Days Of Our Lives.

Now, Nicole and Holly are on the run. Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) is doing his best to find Nicole before things get worse for her. The last time Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry) was seen, he was also interested in helping Nicole. The ironic thing is that Deimos was planning to kidnap Holly himself and then Nicole beat him to it.

'Days Of Our Lives': How Arianne Zucker Should Exit Salem As Nicole Walker

Nicole’s baby needs to be given to Arianne Zucker’s character on Days Of Our Lives. Any criminal charges that she may face as a result of the kidnapping should be dropped. Despite what Chloe tells everyone, she is not doing this for baby Holly, she is doing it for herself and punishing Nicole at the same time.

For once, it would also be nice for Nicole to find love with someone and to have it last. She was engaged to Daniel, but he tragically died in a car accident when Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) drank alcohol and then got behind the wheel. With him being released from prison and going back to Salem soon, it is another stab in the heart that Nicole will feel. She should leave the soap opera happy and have all of her dreams come true. Nicole has been through enough already and fans want her to enjoy some happiness.

Are you upset about Arianne Zucker leaving Days Of Our Lives? How would you like Nicole Walker’s story to end on the long-running soap opera? Would you like to see her finally get custody of her daughter and be happy for a change?

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