Loretta Lynch Video: Insinuates Blood On The Streets, Death May Be Necessary To Bring Change [Opinion]

A video of Loretta Lynch seeming to call for (I believe) the Trump Resistance movement to do what those like them have done in the past, specifically “marching, bleeding and dying” was posted on the Facebook page of U.S. Senate Democrats. Below the video they wrote, “If you need to hear some words of inspiration tonight, take a moment for our friend, former Attorney General, Loretta E. Lynch:”

Lynch doesn’t specify Trump by name, but it’s not that difficult to figure who she’s speaking to in this video: those who are actively resisting the president.

Perhaps the page administrators were thinking that no one would really hear the words as they watched the video, or maybe Senate Democrats didn’t hear Loretta’s words or watch the video before they posted it, because let’s face it, why should it be okay (or in their words, inspiring) for anyone to insinuate blood and death in resistance to a fairly elected leader? Even if it’s somehow proven that Donald Trump was not legitimately elected, which I can’t see happening, is it really worth losing lives over?

One of the first things I thought of after watching this footage of Obama’s most recent Attorney General was The Weathermen, a domestic terror group that the core of the Trump resistance movement have probably never heard of unless they researched the group themselves because this part of history is simply not talked about anymore. It’s almost like the powers that be want everyone to forget that such violence, which parallels much of the leftist anarchy we’re seeing today, ever existed.

Riots at UC Berkeley

The Weathermen, which was also called Weatherman and Weather Underground was a radical liberal movement whose members used violence to express their political stance. They got their name from the lyrics of the Bob Dylan song “Subterranean Homesick Blues” that went, “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” They bled, and they died for their cause, just like Lynch, who is old enough to remember them, said in the video may have to happen.

The Weathermen was born of a Chicago college-based group known as Students for Democratic Society (SDS), a radical left-wing organization that was anti-war and anti-racism. The students who left SDS to form the Weather Underground were predominantly from white middle-class families, but were able to diversify their cause by recruiting members of the Black Panther Party, as the Weathermen’s official inauguration happened in 1969 after two Black Panthers by the names of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were killed in an altercation with Chicago law enforcement.

There was one thing all of the people who were part of the Weather Underground movement had in common: they believed violence, just like the kind Loretta Lynch mentioned, was the solution that would inspire the societal change they wished to see.

Greenwich Village bombings New York City


Though in the video Loretta doesn’t explicitly say that the Trump resistance needs to go to war with the cops, she definitely insinuates it, as it’s law enforcement that is going to be stuck in the middle of this bloodshed and death she mentions.

There are some parallels between the Weathermen movement and activist groups of today, such as Black Lives Matter. I for one believe there’s a significant portion of BLM who is anti-cop, and evidence exists to support this claim.

Less than a week ago, a young man named Trey Turner shared a video of himself outing the St. Paul, Minnesota BLM chapter. According to him, he joined the group under the impression that he would be participating in peaceful demonstrations, and while nothing horrible happened while he was part of the group, he says members were outright racist against white people, manipulated white BLM supporters and talked about burning down Governer Mark Dayton’s mansion, city hall, the capitol and a police station.

Turner was booted from the group specifically because he refused to buy into the theory of “white privilege.”

The Weathermen, however, did way more than talk about engaging in violence. According to the FBI, they were behind numerous bombings, one of which happened at a police headquarters.

“…the group had claimed credit for 25 bombings—including the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, the California Attorney General’s office, and a New York City police station.”

Wanted Weathermen Chicago

Days of Rage

Could Loretta Lynch be talking about a modern-day Days of Rage in her video address? It certainly sounds like she could be, calling for blood and seeming to justify death the way she did.

The Days of Rage was a mass, days long riot not unlike the riots we’ve seen brought forth by Black Lives Matter in Milwaukee and Charlotte. It was the first time the newly established Weathermen made themselves known throughout America as people to be fearful of.

Black Lives Matter Milwaukee riots

“In October 1969, hundreds of young people wielding lead pipes and clad in football helmets marched through an upscale Chicago shopping district, pummeling parked cars and smashing shop windows.”

A book entitled Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence by Bryan Burrough was published in April 2015 and received rave reviews from several news outlets. The New York Times wrote a response to the book, pointing out that for all the violence and unrest the Weathermen caused, they had absolutely nothing to show for their efforts.

“Never have so few done so much to divide, confuse, discredit and demoralize so many in the much broader social movements from which they emerged.”

That is, until now perhaps. Just look at Ferguson, Missouri, the riots at Berkeley, and the more recent student uprising at Middlebury College this past week, in which a female professor was brutalized as she accompanied Charles A. Murray, the conservative who had been scheduled to speak, on his walk off campus. The Wall Street Journal reports that there has been an investigation opened regarding the matter, as well there should be.

Weathermen protest Chicago
New York Trump protest

Did Lynch know exactly what she was saying when she recorded that video? Is she thirsting for blood the way those of Weather Underground did? Was she condoning that the ruining and taking of lives is necessary in order to successfully chase President Trump out of office?

On one last note, don’t expect the mainstream media to take any interest into this Loretta Lynch video unless alternative news sources and people on social media push the issue enough so they have no choice. It’s important to remember that they’re not on the side of Trump or his supporters.

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