Megyn Kelly Fame Wanes – Fox And Trump Were Part Of Her Perfect Storm? [Opinion]

At one time you could Google “Megyn Kelly” and there were several news stories on her each day, but the news anchor who once made a name for herself on Fox News appears to be fading from the public eye. “Megyn Kelly attends Oscar party bra-less” was one of the last insignificant articles online about the news anchor, who for a time became a household name in her last year or two at Fox. Her fame had nothing to do with her lack of undergarments back then, it was her journalism style that people took note of.

Kelly, who left Fox for an up-and-coming morning gig with NBC, was described as being “officially liberated” in the article from the Daily Caller, which reported on her bra-less night on the town at the Oscar party. The article debated if Kelly was bra-less or not.

The Daily Caller cited an article by Scott Jones from FTV Live, who reported Kelly was bra-less, but they weighed in with their own thoughts. “There’s really no way that Jones can know for sure that Kelly went bra-less unless he got a good look inside her dress,” writes the Daily Caller.

Will Megyn Kelly regain her Fox News level of fame?

This debate consisted of the possibility that Kelly was wearing breast-lift tape, cleavage cupcakes, sew-in cups or even silicone covers. Still, with nothing solved the Daily Caller got their point across. This is a far cry from the Fox News’ Megyn Kelly her fans knew at one time. Jump back to this time last year and Kelly was in the headlines for what she was saying and doing regarding the presidential election. So how did she go from a rather famous Fox News journalist to an up-and-coming NBC morning show host that made the headlines for her alleged lack of an undergarment?

An article from The Atlantic asks a question in the headline – “Can Megyn Kelly Escape Her Past?” Caitlin Flanagan, who wrote the article, describes Kelly at Fox News as being “a cog in something turning, and what the great machine ultimately produced was President Donald Trump.” Flanagan sees Kelly as trying to clean up her act towards the end of her Fox contract as part of her plan of moving to another network, which ultimately became NBC.

Flanagan writes that Kelly then decided to “chart a path forward while downplaying her full role in an ugly election that helped fuel her rise.” While this sounds a bit on the dramatic side, Flanagan reminds her readers that this “hardly marks her (Kelly) as unusual—many on the right are eager to blur the norm-breaking excesses of the recent past.” But Kelly didn’t lose any fame over Trump, it seems as if it were the opposite. The Kelly-Trump sparring actually gave Kelly a boost in the headlines as a journalist.

Kelly actually rocketed to fame in her last year or two at Fox. Her fame had a lot to do with Donald Trump. It is not that Trump advocated for Kelly to rise above her colleagues, it was the war that played out on the TV news, in the headlines and across the social media sites between Kelly and Trump that awarded her that fame. Now without Fox News or any friction with Trump, she is hopping over to NBC in the morning, but she’s not making many headlines for the anticipated debut of her journalist skills at her new venue. She is no longer saturating the headlines like she did when at Fox News.

While Kelly was at Fox, she made a nationwide name for herself during a long drawn-out verbal battle with Donald Trump. This was a battle in which she entered into as a moderator during the first Republican debate that was hosted by Fox News. While there are a few different ways people look at what went on during this notorious debate, Kelly asked Trump some hard questions, but she did this by listing some accusations brought against Trump first. This was a strategy that she didn’t seem to use with the other candidates on that stage.

Trump believed Kelly treated him very differently than the way she treated the other candidates at the debate. He thought she was biased toward him, as the Washington Post reported last year. Kelly seemed to ask the other candidates straight-out questions, but with Trump she seemed to add some of her own narrative into the question. Some viewers saw Kelly’s questions more like accusations that she sprouted off and then gave Trump a chance to defend himself against the accusations. With the other candidates, it seems that more straight-forward questions were asked.

This started a verbal war of Trump against Kelly and the public swooped down upon it waiting for the dramatics to play out online or in the headlines. People rallied for Trump and others rallied behind Kelly in this polarized war of words. Megyn Kelly was at the height of her popularity around the time Trump was elected president and it wasn’t too soon after that where she decided to turn down what was an astronomical amount of money offered by Fox to go over to NBC.

Many believed that Kelly was rocketed to fame because of her dealings with Trump, but others thought she was an entity of fame all by herself. Without Fox News, Kelly seems to have settled for a spot where she isn’t being hyped as an anticipated mover and shaker, like she was during her last couple of years at Fox News. Fox News is one of the more friendlier news outlets for Trump, so he is covered quite a bit on their shows from Fox and Friends in the morning, all through the daytime shows and into the night. As of today, it sounds as if Kelly will start her new NBC gig sometime this summer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

According to The Hill, Megyn Kelly turned down a $100 million contract from Fox, which equaled out to be $20 million a year for a five-years. Did she believe she could continue on with this overnight worldwide fame on her own? Kelly had found her niche at Fox and as life would play out for Kelly, Donald Trump seemed to have a lot to do with her fame. Although her approach to Trump was often seen as negative, she had her place in the discussion of Trump and his presidential future.

It could be that Kelly pinned too much on being that lone entity able to carry such a massive success on her own, like she saw on Fox. Today, folks aren’t gravitating toward any news about Kelly like they used to and most likely that’s because Fox News and her thoughts on Donald Trump were a big part of her enticing journalism package. That brings up the question – is there life after Fox and Trump for Megyn Kelly?

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