Trump Cries Obama Wiretap In 6 a.m. Tweet, By 7 a.m. He’s Bashing Schwarzenegger [Opinion]

President Donald Trump tweeted what just might be one of his most astonishing tweets yet, which is a serious accusation that is dropping jaws around the nation today. Early Saturday morning without warning, Trump tweeted that President Obama had Trump’s phones wiretapped in his home in Trump Towers. The timeline given was “just before the November election,” according to USA Today.

Trump’s several tweets were quite shocking and the accusations were harsh, but they came with no evidence at all to back up Trump. It didn’t take too long for Obama’s camp to offer up their thoughts and as Fox News live reports, “they were fired up.”

The tweets that Donald Trump sent out this morning appear below and as you can see, he even suggests legal action by stating, “I’d bet a good lawyer can make a great case.” Trump refers to this wiretapping as a “fact” that Obama was tapping Trump’s phones. Despite Trump calling his accusations a “fact,” so far there is no evidence provided by the president to back this up.

Fox News reports that Obama denied Trump’s wiretapping accusations in a statement released by his camp. This is seen in the tweet below.

According to USA Today, it would take a warrant approved by a FISA court judge to get Trump’s phones tapped. If Trump were truly “privy to information that his phone was indeed tapped” it would suggest that that probable cause was found by the FISA court for them to issue a warrant. With this said, will Trump’s tweets backfire on him?

One of the talking points that was brought up on Fox News live Saturday afternoon is that Trump shouldn’t wait too long to bring this wiretapping evidence forth. The longer he waits, the more time this gives Obama’s camp to get their ducks in a row and possibly use Trump’s accusations to derail Trump’s attempt of painting Obama in a bad light. The longer Trump waits, the more time Obama’s camp has to turn this around on him.

USA Today reports that Trump’s tweets were posted on the heels of Rush Limbaugh making accusations that there is a “silent coup,” which is orchestrated by Obama to “unseat Trump.” Limbaugh also said on his radio show Friday that Obama is attempting to paint Trump “effectively immaterial” when it comes to being the nation’s president.

Politico asks if Trump is just going off after getting wind of the report in Breitbart report, or does he actually have some evidence to back up these claims? It was a little after 6:30 in the morning on Saturday when Trump started his string of rather bizarre tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping his Trump Towers home. Did he just receive this news in a briefing?

The first indication that Obama’s camp was fired up over Trump’s accusations was seen in a tweet this morning by Obama’s former deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes. He simply but sternly tweeted, “No President can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.” That was offered up as an apparent dig to Trump as well as a denial of Trump’s accusations, with him suggesting that the law protects people from someone like Trump.

Breitbart posted an article reporting how Radio Host Mark Levin outlined the known undermining steps taken by Obama’s administration leading up to the inauguration of Trump. These steps continued once Trump was in office, according to the radio host. One of those steps, step number one, was Obama’s administration requesting to monitor Trump’s communications as well as those of a few of his top advisers. While this request was denied back in June of 2016, another request was submitted in October. This request was narrowed down and it went through.

According to Fox News live on Saturday, Mark Levin posted a link to the Breitbart article on his website and this could very well be where Trump got wind of the alleged wiretapping this morning. Breitbart writes what Obama was doing under their October 2016 timeline, “The Obama administration is now monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.” Is this article the evidence Trump based his claim on, or does he have more substantial evidence to base his claims on?

Trump was all over the place with his tweets this morning. After making such a serious accusation against Obama, he moved on to poke Arnold Schwarzenegger with a stick. He was offering up a retaliation for Schwarzenegger blaming the Celebrity Apprentice ending on Trump’s affiliation with the show. Trump’s tweet regarding Schwarzenegger can be seen below.

It appears that Trump had a busy Saturday morning. While most people are just thinking about rolling out of bed to their first cup of coffee at 6 a.m., Trump was hot on Twitter with some rather disparaging tweets. Whatever happened to just old-fashion Saturday morning cartoon watching?

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]