Obama Wiretap: Trump Feeds Conspiracy Theorists, Birthers Invited To Dinner? [Opinion]

A President Obama wiretap has been alleged by President Trump in another Twitter tirade from Saturday morning (March 4). Was Trump feeding conspiracy theorists like his birther friends again? Or did Trump release classified information about a classified government endeavor? Either way, will Trump supporters care that it now appears he wasn’t being honest during his public reading in front of congress last week?

While most of America was still sleeping, newly-elected President Trump was on his Twitter account to let the world know how he feels about current events. Or maybe it’s how he wants his supporters to feel? First, Trump took the time to blame President Obama for the first meeting that Jeff Sessions had with the Russian Ambassador. While Trump didn’t mention why Sessions left that meeting out of his answers in front of congress, he quickly went on to another tangent.

It’s important to point out that Trump did not clarify what “nothing found” meant in his Twitter post. Maybe he meant that no proof was found that an Obama wiretap had ever taken place? Maybe he is releasing classified information from a government sanctioned event? Or it could just be another vague post in order to distract people from what he is (or isn’t) doing this week in his official capacity as President of the United States.

President Trump Waving

At 3:42 a.m. ET, President Trump again went back to posting about Jeff Sessions and his meetings with Russia, possibly confirming to everyone that Sessions may have perjured himself on the stand? As a report by USA Today clearly outlined, Sessions stated, “I did not have communications with the Russians.” It was later confirmed that he met with Russia’s ambassador to the United States in July and September. So did he lie? Did he intend to lie on the stand? Is it possible he is just bad with faces and names and forgot he had met the ambassador?

At least President Trump is now on the record stating that the Russian Ambassador did meet with Jeff Sessions. The debate about that particular point can come to an end and his supporters can begin the “lock him up” chants at their leisure. You know, the same chants that Trump supporters and cabinet members made about Hillary Clinton when it was revealed that she used a private e-mail server (exactly like Vice President Mike Pence). It’s unclear just how much state information was leaked when Pence had his account hacked.

You didn’t think that President Trump was done with his accusations of a President Obama wiretap did you? Nope. He would make three more posts about it before going on another tirade about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s not entirely clear what President Trump was trying to do with all of these early-morning Twitter posts, but it certainly appears that he is trying to stir up the conspiracy theorists, KKK members, and birther friends that have given him key support over the past year. For those people who forget, Trump is the guy who championed getting President Obama thrown out of office, yelling for years that he wasn’t a U.S. citizen and that he would prove it.

President Trump And Paul Ryan

A report by the Washington Posts stated how Trump had offered a lot of money in order to get Obama to release his birth certificate publicly. It created a lot of controversy, helping lead a movement of birthers, many of whom continued to support Trump when he began running for president.

“In 2012, Donald Trump offered to donate $5 million to a charity of President Obama’s choice, in return for his college records and U.S. passport application. Two years later, he claimed he raised the offer to $50 million.”

Eventually, Trump would admit publicly that President Obama was born in the United States, but the Washington Post also claimed that he lied in his speech. Trump said that it was Hillary Clinton who had started the birther movement, rather than take any personal responsibility for years of attacking Obama. The Washington Post stated that this claim was entirely false. There has still been no record of Trump donating any money to Obama’s charity of choice either.

It’s important to point out that House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t agree with President Donald Trump. Responding to specific questions in an interview on Friday, Ryan stated, “I don’t think that’s the case” when asked whether the “Obama Administration may have been surveilling members of the Trump campaign in a pretty detailed investigation during the election?”

With no publicly released facts, no proof provided to anyone, and by being unreachable on another family vacation, has President Trump simply done all this to distract from his job over the past month? Or is there something more sinister at play here than any Trump supporters will ever want to admit? A reality is that he has given his conspiracy theorist supporters more ammunition to use, because why wouldn’t they believe every single word that the President of the United States tells them? Now the “Obama wiretap” narrative can replace the “Trump Works With Russia” story.

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