‘WWE Fastlane’ Predictions: Kevin Owens Is ‘Next’ For Goldberg, Undertaker’s Return, And More [Opinion]

On Sunday, March 5, WWE will be holding its final Monday Night RAW-exclusive pay-per-view before WrestleMania 33 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. Tomorrow evening, fans will get to see WWE Fastlane, and the predictions are coming in quite rapidly as we draw closer to the event. Join us as we offer our own predictions for all of the matches, and weigh in on who may have their hands raised in victory, and who may be counting the lights at the Bradley Center and taking the loss.

The destruction of Sami Zayn

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Sami Zayn fan. But I’ve long learned to accept that WWE is giving him the slow-burn treatment, and that his “Daniel Bryan moment” as an underdog-turned-main-event-champ may be no less than several months away. At WWE Fastlane, Zayn will be up against Samoa Joe, who memorably debuted on the Monday Night RAW after Royal Rumble, and assaulted Seth Rollins on Triple H’s command. This is going to be an interesting battle between two former NXT Champions, and while I’d like to see Sami get some big wins on pay-per-view, he’s likely putting Joe over at Fastlane, but not making it easy for him. WWE wants Joe kept as strong as possible, after all, as rumors suggest he’ll soon be part of a new Triple H-led heel stable.

Will The Undertaker return at Fastlane to set up feud with Roman Reigns?

The seeds for a Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker feud were planted at Royal Rumble, as “The Big Dog” entered to a throng of boos at #30 and proceeded to eliminate the “Deadman.” And since Undertaker sightings these days happen just about as often as WWE listens to its fans, we’ve yet to see him appear on television or pay-per-view. As such, Fastlane seems to be the right time for ‘Taker to return and interfere in the Reigns vs. Braun Strowman match.

Most WWE Fastlane predictions point to Reigns going over the “Monster Among Men,” so as to keep him strong in his rivalry with The Undertaker leading into WrestleMania 33. And we all know that’s one thing Vince McMahon and the rest of WWE Creative love doing — making their “Big Dog” look strong. But not this time. Most likely, we’ll be seeing Strowman pick up the win with an assist from The Undertaker, who may return to take Reigns out in the veil of darkness and send a message to him ahead of WrestleMania. And for all you betting types out there, that happens to be something the folks at Paddy Power (c/o Bet Wrestling) are also expecting.

As for Strowman, Cageside Seats’ predictions have him as a likely entrant in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33. If there’s one way to make that battle royal more than just “filler” at ‘Mania, it’s by having Braun win it, and keep looking like a force of nature as he remains unpinned and unsubmitted since last year’s brand split separated him from The Wyatt Family and sent him to RAW.

Bayley vs. Charlotte: The game of hot potato continues

Seriously, WWE. Enough is enough, and Monday Night RAW should get a long-term Women’s Champion instead of having the belt passed around from woman to woman like a hot potato. Back in December, WrestleCrap parodied this by altering an image to have Sasha Banks literally hold a hot potato instead of a title belt. But since WWE seems to want Charlotte Flair to maintain her pay-per-view winning streak on the road to WrestleMania, almost every WWE Fastlane prediction has her winning the RAW Women’s Championship back from Bayley.

The only question, however, would be how the self-proclaimed “Queen” of women’s wrestling will win her title back. According to WrestleZone, there’s been talk of Sasha Banks making a heel turn by interfering in the Bayley vs. Charlotte match at Fastlane, thereby costing her erstwhile best friend the title. And speaking of best friends turned bitter enemies…

Jericho’s revenge, and Goldberg’s road to a WrestleMania title match

Since Chris Jericho’s betrayal at the hands of Kevin Owens on the February 13 RAW‘s “Festival of Friendship” segment, we haven’t seen “Y2J” on television, as Jericho is evidently selling the storyline injury he received in the Owens beatdown. The reigning United States Champion may also be biding his time as he hopes to do the exact opposite of what he promised “KO” at the Festival of Friendship, by costing him his Universal Championship match against Bill Goldberg at WWE Fastlane.

That, of course, will set up what many are predicting — Goldberg’s match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33 getting the highest stakes possible in the form of the Universal belt. Yes, we’ll have to deal with the possibility of WWE going once again with a part-timer (and maybe a second time in two months, if Lesnar wins at ‘Mania) as one of its main event champions, but where does that leave the former JeriKO? That likely leaves them fighting for the U.S. Championship at WrestleMania 33, with Owens winning the mid-card title and hopefully restoring its relevance, and Jericho leaving WWE again so he could focus on his rock star duties as Fozzy lead vocalist.

Other match predictions

As for the rest of the WWE Fastlane card, I’m predicting the mid-card titles to remain where they are, with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows retaining the RAW Tag Team Championships over Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and the ornery Neville dispatching of the colorful “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher to keep his Cruiserweight belt. Nia Jax should again win over Sasha Banks, with the frustration of another loss possibly causing Sasha to snap and cost Bayley her RAW Women’s title later on in the evening, as hinted above. And in the pre-show match, I’m picking babyface cruiserweights Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa over heels The Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar, possibly with Dar’s storyline girlfriend Alicia Fox botching her interference and causing Noam to get pinned.

Do you agree with our WWE Fastlane predictions or not? Are there any other storyline twists you’re expecting at Sunday’s pay-per-view event? We’d like to hear from you in the comments section below.

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