Remy Ma Reloads, Fires ‘Another One’ At Nicki Minaj [Opinion]

Give Remy Ma another “W” after she delivered a second diss track about Nicki Minaj in just four days. This time around, Remy stayed away from the gossip about Minaj, instead focusing on herself and why she is the queen of rap despite Nicki’s previous claim to the throne. The newest release in the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj rap feud has been described as a taunt more than anything, making fun of the fact that Nicki claims to be too busy to respond to Remy’s first release, “shETHER.”

The YouTube link to “Another One” is right here. Be sure to listen to Remy Ma’s newest Nicki Minaj diss, but with all things Remy, remember that the lyrics are NSFW and definitely on the adult side.

Remy Ma has returned with “Another One” in the same way that Drake dissed Meek Mill first with “Charged Up” and then with “Back to Back” following right behind it. The response to Drake’s literal back-to-back diss tracks was huge, and there is no denying that Meek Mill took the “L” when it came to their rap feud.

So does that mean Remy Ma automatically win out in the war with Nicki Minaj? It seems that some Nicki fans feel the Pinkprint rapper doesn’t need to respond. The argument is that Nicki Minaj is too busy counting her millions, where Remy isn’t worth nearly as much money.

But is that what determines who is the queen of rap, or do the bars speak for themselves? If it’s all about the music, and we’re talking the actual lyrics and music, then Remy musically murdered Nicki Minaj. Those pictures she recently posted on Instagram after Remy dropped “shETHER” might as well be death scene photos because that’s what it was — a death scene.

Maybe Nicki didn’t think Remy Ma would come at her so hard, but that’s hard to believe because she knows about Remy. She should know better, though, since the two women have been scrapping on a much milder level for about a decade now. This isn’t Miley Cyrus we’re talking about, it’s Remy Ma, who spent eight years in prison because she shot a friend over a few thousand bucks.

Based on the lyrics in “Another One,” Remy Ma is pushing for Nicki Minaj to respond. It seems that she wants the other NYC female rapper to stand up for herself after the massacre that Remy delivered with “shETHER.” Instead, there are rumors that Nicki may sue Remy for the song. It would be pretty entertaining if she went that route, and it would ruin any and all credibility for Nicki if she does end up suing rather than just picking up a microphone and responding.


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“I guess you know now who the head b****h is/ I’m a savage, I be killing dead b***hes/ I bet you wish you ain’t never said s**t,” Remy raps. “Now they so busy shooting videos, and I’m like nah/ Where the f**k is your song?/ I mean, come on.”

How can Nicki Minaj hear that and continue to ignore it without taking an instant “L”? Is it possible that she’s scared of what Remy Ma might come out with next? She did warn Minaj that she “bought footage” which was also proved earlier when Remy posted a pretty revealing old picture of Nicki Minaj, calling the rapper “Spongebob” before later deleting it. It might be fun to see what else Remy Ma knows about Nicki Minaj that she either bought or learned from her numerous contacts in the hip-hop industry.

Maybe Nicki Minaj will respond at some point, but if she does, it better be something she wrote herself. Remy already rapped about how she knows Nicki has been making phone calls, allegedly to find someone else who might be able to ghost write her response for her. That also could be the reason why Nicki is just choosing not to respond at all, instead relying on her fanbase to take shots at Remy Ma based on her total net worth, not taking into account that Remy has been out of prison for just over two years and, in that time, has definitely moved “All the Way Up.”

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