Did John Cena’s Wisdom Keep WWE Wrestler From Being Put Out To Pasture? [Opinion]

John Cena was recently credited for showing another wrestling great the way to the WWE after-life. As the WWE continues to roll out new wrestlers, there are the veteran wrestlers reaching their twilight years in the ring. While Cena is still very much in the ring, he is also set for a career outside the WWE.

When the time comes for Cena to pack up his wrestling boots, this is one guy who will have options galore waiting for him. Cena is unlike many wrestlers, who, after one too many pile drivers, see it all just end. There’s nothing beyond the WWE for many of the wrestlers when the ring is no longer an option for various reasons.

The WWE will eventually replace the veterans of the ring by these up-and-coming newbies, so SmackDown, RAW, WrestleMania, and all the other WWE events will continue without missing a beat. As they say in the circus, “The show must go on.”

Cena is a well-loved name on the WWE roster, but recently whispers of another WWE wrestler putting him into retirement in the future has popped up. According to Give Me Sports, while it doesn’t look like Cena will be leaving the ring anytime soon, they predict there’s one of five wrestlers who will be tapped to put Cena into retirement when the time comes.

They cite AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, The Miz, Kurt Angle, and, believe it or not, the Undertaker. They tap the Undertaker only if the WWE is looking for a “historic name to do the job.” When the time does come, Cena will have so many options to fall back on in the entertainment sector that he probably won’t have time to miss the ring.

Wrestlers like Paul Wight — or the Big Show, as his wrestling fans know him — have been in the WWE ring for a long time, and wrestling, like any contact sport, has an earlier retirement age than most careers.

You might be able to work in an office until you are 70 and beyond, but you won’t catch a 70-year-old wrestler flying off the ropes to bodyslamming an opponent. Once the wrestling years wane, what’s next? This is a question many WWE greats have faced and one that big-name wrestlers of today will eventually face in the future.

John Cena is one of the WWE wrestlers who has made a big name for himself outside the wrestling ring, suggests the Big Show in a recent interview with Forbes Magazine. It was a conversation that the Big Show had with Cena that made him realize there is life after the ring, but there was something he needed to do to ensure that was an option.

The Big Show holds Cena high on a pedestal, and he does this for good reason. It seems the Big Show has a “self-deprecating” sense of humor, so putting himself down has been his way of getting a laugh for a long time now. Cena refuses to let the Big Show knock himself. It was something that Cena said to him on a frequent basis when he would put himself down that made him realize he didn’t have to do this.

Cena said, “Show, you don’t have to knock yourself, I’ll do it for you.”

The Big Show cites how Cena has a way of bringing the self-worth level up a few notches for everyone around him. Cena has done this for the Big Show, who now wants to make himself more “marketable” for future gigs that pop up in the entertainment sector outside of WWE wrestling.

After some determination and tough work, the Big Show is getting himself into shape for his future and that entails the wrestler dropping almost 80 pounds already. Cena played a huge part in inspiring the Big Show to recreate his outside-the-ring image, and the Big Show now wants to do the same for others.

Some wrestlers have left the WWE ring only to become even more famous than they ever were in the WWE. Names like The Rock and Hulk Hogan went on to do movies and make commercials. Both these former wrestlers still have recognizable names today, just as John Cena does.

The Big Show is already reaping the fruits of his labor as he landed a gig as a Robo-Wrestler in the Jetsons cartoon. The Jetsons are a cartoon family recognized by several generations starting with the baby boomers.

As Forbes Magazine reports, “The iconic Jetsons are getting a reboot with a WWE feel.”

While the Big Show is present only with his voice in the new The Jetsons & WWE: RoboWrestleMania, it is still a step in the right direction for starting a career outside the ring during his twilight years in the WWE. The premiere of The Jetsons & WWE: RoboWrestleMania is on March 14.

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