Obama’s Shadow Government Plans To Overthrow Trump – Masterminded From DC Mansion? [Opinion]

Will Obama really devote the next few years orchestrating a shadow government to take-down Donald Trump from the Office of the President? Barack Obama moved into a mansion just 2 miles from the White House in the upscale Kalorama District of Washington D.C. and new reports today suggest that this mansion will be used for both his home and an alleged “insurgent operation” against Donald Trump.

These reports suggest that there’s a hidden agenda driving Obama’s continued presence in Washington and that is to oust Trump out of the White House. This Obama-Trump conspiracy theory surfaced a few months ago and it is starting to gain some strength now that the Obama’s have taken a roommate into their new Washington home. That roommate is Valerie Jarrett.

It was back in December when that Obama-Trump conspiracy theory surfaced describing how Obama was setting up a “shadow government” to oversee his legacy. Much of this legacy is in the hands of Trump today as he makes major changes to things like Obama’s healthcare plan. An article from the Inquisitr back then cited author ED Klein’s appearance on Fox and Friends reminding the viewers that a century of tradition has witnessed the outgoing president pack up and go home, they don’t stick around Washington. He also cited how former presidents did nothing to criticize their successor. This is not the case with the previous administration, according to Klein.

Then in the middle of February, Breitbart News reported that “several intelligence insiders” came forward to describe a “shadow government” taking hold with people who were left over from Obama’s administration “leaking information to derail the Trump presidency.” They cite Mike Flynn’s departure as the National Security Adviser, as their first success in this venture.

Donald Trump has picked up on that shadow government, according to Talking Points Memo. Once again Fox and Friends comes into play with Brian Kilmeade interviewing Trump on Tuesday of this week. Kilmeade asked Trump he if he believes Obama is taking part in the organizing of the many protests going on around the country. Trump’s answer was, “I think that President Obama is behind it. Because his people are certainly behind it.”

The mansion that Barack and Michelle Obama rented is a stone’s throw from the White House and Klein believes this is for a well-planned reason on Obama’s behalf. When Klein was on Fox and Friends in December he predicted that there was “enough room for Valeria Jarrett as well as Michelle and the kids.” He also said, “They are setting up what they are calling a shadow government.”

Jump ahead to March 2017 and the headlines report that Valerie Jarrett has moved into the Obama mansion. Klein described this shadow government as “more like an insurgency operation rather than a “think tank.” Today the headlines are validating the move of Jarrett into the Obama mansion, which Klein predicted. With reports that Jarrett is helping Obama mastermind this “insurgence” on Trump, Klein’s “shadow government” might not be such a stretch as critics first thought.

As far as Klein’s comment on the “insurgent operation” goes, jump ahead to today and Info Wars reports that Obama is planning to to “oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.” Obama is planning to do this with the help of Jarrett, according to the report from Info Wars.

Obama’s mansion is now the “nerve center” for the plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Donald Trump, reports the Daily Mail today. A little known post-presidency perk, which allows Obama to use his West End office, comes with the rule that it cannot be used for political purposes. While Obama has set up that office on the government’s dime, he is paying for his mansion himself.

This means anything political can come into play right down the street from that office. It can be done from inside the privacy of a former president’s home. Obama did use the office to recently host an open house for his former White House staff. It appears he is keeping his confidants close, as Jarrett was there as well, along with Joe Biden, Susan Rice and Josh Ernest.

According to the Daily Mail, Obama’s new role is seen as “leader of the opposition” and this was a role that he was first reluctant to step into, according to an Obama family source. It was Jarrett who convinced him to take on this part despite Obama being burnt-out from his eight years at the White House. Both Michelle Obama and Jarrett coaxed the former president to lead the opposition against Trump, who is a man who creates policies that Obama “loathes,” according to the Daily Mail.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently offered up a few words about Obama’s plans to reenter the political scene. According to Info Wars, Holder said about Obama – “He’s coming. And he’s ready to roll.” Jarrett was a low-key player in Obama’s presidency as she helped shape his policies, both domestic and foreign. She lived with the Obama family in the White House.

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