Melania Trump Wears Black Suit And Itchy Twitter Fingers Sprout For Critics [Opinion]

Melania Trump is one of those exceptional women who could step out wearing a potato sack and look every bit as elegant and gorgeous as she would as if she were adorned in a designer gown. Even in a potato sack Melania would still be the epitome of class and carry herself with grace.

It’s entirely unlikely Melania will ever sport burlap in public or anywhere else for that matter, but for some Twitter users, no matter what Melania is wearing it might as well be a burlap bag. As Melania watched her husband address the Congress last night, she was the picture of class and elegance in a basic black suit with subtle sequins.

That suit “appeared straightforward enough,” suggests the New York Times, but apparently Melania’s attire was “more contentious than it seemed.” Many thought Melania looked absolutely stunning, but her choice of clothing fired up a Twitter storm of armchair fashion critics pulling apart her basic black outfit for the evening.

With all the remarks, including some that were rather mean, you would think that she had adorned herself in something odd, bizarre, or gilded in gold, but no, that wasn’t the case at all. Melania was in a black suit, which was belted at the waist and hemmed at a very safe distance from her knee. This was nothing glittery, the suit gave off just a slight glimmer from the sequins.

One of the more unusual complaints comes from actress Alyssa Milano who tweeted that Melania Trump’s outfit cost $10K. This sounds a bit hypocritical coming from an actress who has walked many red carpets flanked by celebrities wearing designer creations costing much more than that. She herself probably sported expensive attire for one or more of the red carpet events somewhere along in her career. Her tweet is seen below. asks “what’s the big deal” with Melania’s suit? writes, “So it seems some people are taking issue with the decadent, black, skirt suit first lady Melania Trump wore at her husband’s joint address to Congress on Tuesday night.” Their take on all the hoopla is “Why?” Besides the price, the problem seems to be that some folks didn’t like the sequins.

For starters, Melania picked an American designer’s creation to wear, so at least that alleviated the “Made In America” chorus. Michael Kors was the designer of Melania’s gorgeous suit that she wore at the joint session of Congress Tuesday night. While her attire is described as a “sequined suit,” it was far from flashy, as her suit and skirt picked up only slight glimmers of light.

Melania’s outfit was called “too flashy” and picked apart for a number of different things, including the price tag on social media. It seems that folks forget that Melania Trump was a billionaire’s wife before she became the first lady of this nation. The clothes Melania is accustomed to wearing are not bargain basement offerings. Why should she have to shop for clothes today that are modestly priced if Melania is paying for them herself?

As a former fashion model, Melania’s love for clothes — nice clothes — should be expected. Mrs. Trump has given up so much, mostly her privacy, for her husband to become the 45th president of the nation. So why should Melania give up her wardrobe-buying habits on top of everything else? What Melania wore last night came with a price tag of $4,995 for the jacket and $4,595 for the skirt.

Many online rounded Melania’s outfit up to “$10K” and some even offered up what that amount of money could buy for some poor family. The folks tweeting and posting these comments were more than likely doing this from their own electronic devices, like a pricey iPhone or expensive tablet. The price for each of these devices could have probably purchased food for a week for a poor family, but they probably didn’t think of that. Melania Trump made America proud last night, whether her critics would care to admit this or not.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]