Katie Hopkins’ Sweden Visit: Swedish Women Beg To Be Heard In The Midst Of Uncontrollable Migrant Crime [Opinion]

Katie Hopkins’ Sweden visit, which she has detailed in the column she writes for Daily Mail, tells of a Sweden in crisis, a Sweden that needs help, a Sweden that is succumbing to violent crime due largely to high numbers of Middle Eastern migrants.

This is the truth. This is what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know, and people like clueless Jimmy Kimmel think it’s okay to joke about on national television with their just-as-ignorant elite celebrity brethren.

“Where females fear to tread: Katie Hopkins reports from Sweden, the Scandi-lib paradise where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence and self-censorship on immigration buries the truth.”

Middle Eastern migrants in Sweden

President Trump’s travel ban is still in limbo, as his administration seeks to right the wrongs that allowed a ninth circuit court judge to put the order on hold, and until he gets it right, migrants will continue to come in from war-torn places of the Middle East. Europe is worse off than the U.S. right now, and if we’re too saturated in political correctness to learn from their mistakes, we might as well torch the land right now.

A side note here: not all of the YouTube videos herein is from Sweden because Sweden isn’t the only country this is happening to.

If you think the truth is racist, xenophobic, bigoted, etc. normally I would say this article isn’t for you, but maybe I’d be wrong. Perhaps this article is exactly for you.

Katie Hopkins’ Sweden visit happened because she was persuaded by Swedish women who have been begging her to travel to their country. Why do they want her to come? Because they want to show her what unlimited refugee intake has resulted in. Why Katie? Because they know she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Mrs. Hopkins doesn’t partake in politically correct sugar-coating, which is largely what international media organizations have been doing in relation to Sweden’s migrant crisis.


It’s not just women Katie is hearing from. She has heard from men who are concerned about their daughters because rape is so prevalent that Sweden has become the second most likely place in the world where one could suffer a sexually motivated attack, behind the small African country of Lesotho.

Not that there’s a shortage of media outlets from both America and Europe all too happy to “debunk” this statistic. The reason this fact can be negated is because in the vast majority of rapes reported, the suspect is never identified, as reported by Gatestone Institute.

“In 2015, the proportion of rapes where the police actually found the suspect was 14%. In 86% of the rapes, the rapist got away.”

However, the reason the increase in rapes can accurately be contributed to migrant influx, at least in Sweden’s case, is because ever since the Swedish government opted to subject the country to multiculturalism, sexual assault has increased by 1,472 percent, and that doesn’t even include the number of rapes that go unreported.

Katie Hopkins’ Sweden visit brought her to the Stockholm community of Rinkeby, which is considered a “no-go zone,” meaning it’s a place of high crime where the police aren’t able to adequately do their jobs. According to Breitbart News, as of September 2016, there were 55 no-go zones in Sweden.

Breitbart, you know, the news outlet that AppNexus decided to forbid from using their advertising technology because of “hate speech.” I’ve got news for the people of AppNexus: just because Breitbart isn’t afraid to report uncomfortable truths doesn’t make them promoters of hate speech. If it’s their opinion pieces you’re bothered by, different opinions don’t constitute “hate speech” either.

Although Hopkins says President Trump’s Sweden comment wasn’t what drove her to the Scandinavian country, she points out how the comment coincided with a Swedish society on the brink of disaster.

“He provided the touch-paper to the explosive mixture of thousands of bored young migrants who were born into fighting and have brought the battle with them.”

Swedish Women Fear Going Out Alone

According to Hopkins, Rinkeby is comprised of 90 percent refugees, most of whom haven’t been living in the country long. The Daily Mail journalist tells her readers about a girl she calls “Lucy,” who lives in Rinkeby. Lucy is constantly worrying about her safety as she carries around her only line of defense in a small spray bottle filled with mace, which might be helpful if she’s confronted by one, or maybe two men, but any more than that and she’d be in trouble.

The trepidation Lucy feels isn’t all due to what the migrant males who congregate beneath a bridge not far from her home may one day do to her, but also what could happen to her if word gets out that she was speaking to the media about Rinkeby’s refugee problem. Specifically, Lucy doesn’t want feminists to find out about her chat with Katie Hopkins.

That’s right, Lucy is afraid of her own people because of their irrational, intolerant, and ignorant mindset when it comes to Middle Eastern refugees.

“The migrant men scare her. But it is Swedish women who have silenced her.”

Katie gets her own taste of this toxic politically correct-saturated hysteria after a hand grenade is discovered in a trash receptacle, which just so happened to be close to a mosque. In the midst of this discovery, Ho-kind was confronted by two females who told her not to blame the grenade on Muslims, but rather on the police.

Swedish women of all religions and ethnicities stay locked in their homes for fear of what could happen to them if they set foot outside, and no one, not the local, national or international media care to tell their stories for risk of blowing apart their own false narrative. How very sad this world has become.

Government Coverup

According to Sputnik News, Sweden is concealing migrant crime data whilst female Swedes increasingly feel threatened due to the Middle Eastern immigrant community. Reportedly, it’s been over ten years since individual criminal ethnicity has been documented for statistical purposes. The last time such data was collected and assessed was in 2005, and Swedish the government has continually voted against updating their stats. Many of Sweden’s politicians seem to be either in denial, clueless or lying when it comes to the reasons the data doesn’t need to be reassessed.

Finland, Norway, and Denmark, on the other hand, have kept up on reporting the ethnic background of their criminals, and their statistics reflect what law enforcement in Sweden already know: migrants are the primary ethnic group committing crimes.

One would think that if the crime of neighboring countries has gone up due to refugees, Sweden would not be any different.

International media is failing the people of Sweden as they continue to minimize or bury hard truths that must be told. There is no good excuse for it. If the “refugees welcome” crowd is so concerned with human rights, what about the rights of the humans whose lives are being ruined as a result of the refugee crisis? Do they not get a say?

Ignorance is a choice. Those who belittle, insult and demonize the people who are skeptical and/or against bringing in refugees, and the feminists who Lucy worries will malign her for speaking her fears, choose to not expose themselves to the truth. When the truth hurts, the weak cower while the strong face it head-on.

Katie Hopkins’ Sweden visit was an answer to a plea in the form of mass media exposure, but her trip and everything she encountered won’t make any difference if Swedish authorities continue to belittle, cover up and outright ignore the problem. Why is it such a big deal to admit that cultural integration isn’t working?

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