Kellyanne Conway’s Feet On Oval Office Couch Spawns Disgrace On Social Media [Opinion]

Kelly Anne Conway with her feet up on the Oval Office couch was captured in a picture that’s become quite the hot button issue online today. She had her her feet up on the sofa in a kneeling position, and the topper of this pose was that she was still wearing her shoes. The Kellyanne Conway photo has people across the social media sites bashing Kellyanne for showing such disrespect. This isn’t the first time that the president’s top adviser has ruffled the feathers of the public, but this time around even some of Trump’s most adamant supporters are not happy with Kellyanne’s Oval Office couch pose. But is Kellyanne really to blame?

This is a 50-year-old professional woman sitting on the couch in what should be one of the most professional offices in the world. In this pose Kellyanne looks much like a teenager at home in her bedroom with her cell phone near her face. According to Marie Claire today, “people on both sides of the aisle called out Conway on Twitter, calling her behavior “trashy” and “disrespectful.’

The iPhone Kellyanne is holding up to her face finishes off the teenager-like picture for the president’s top adviser. They only thing missing from this teenager-like pose is a poster of David Cassidy hanging on the wall behind her. Should this be an embarrassment to Donald Trump with his room full of professional leaders of historically black colleges and universities? Is this also an insulting photo for this prestigious group of men and women who were there with Trump in the Oval Office on national business? The answers to these questions are mostly “yes,” across the social media sites today. However, is Kellyanne at fault here?

According to the Washington Post, this picture of Kellyanne has many on the social media sites complaining. Comments are plentiful today saying things like, Kellyanne’s “causal posture was disrespectful to the Oval Office and all it stands for.” Others have mentioned the numerous photos of President Obama with his feet up on the Oval Office desk showing much more disrespect than Kellyanne’s feet on the couch. Obama was also accused of disrespecting the Oval Office when he first stepped into his new presidential role and was pictured without his suit jacket while in the Oval Office, according to another Washington Post article.

Still other people talked about what President Clinton was accused of doing while in the Oval Office, saying that what Kellyanne did in comparison is not even worth mentioning. Quite a few people brought up the long-ago accusations concerning Bill Clinton’s use of the Oval Office, which is suggested in the tweet below.

Others defended Kellyanne’s pose with her feet up on the sofa as a rather natural thing to do when getting comfortable. One social media user attempted to make that point by posting a picture of a former first lady getting comfortable at the White House with her feet up on the sofa, as seen in the tweet below.

Today it is Kellyanne as the president’s top adviser who is accused of taking too many liberties by some of the social media users that have posted their concerns about the way this photo looks. One social media user below is saying what a good number of the critical online posts convey today, and that is for Kellyanne to keep her feet off the couch and to remind her of manners.

Kellyanne Conway is credited with helping Trump win the election, but since he has taken her on as an adviser, she’s done a few things that could potentially embarrass the president. This photo demonstrates to many online how Kellyanne wasn’t made for the job of representing the president of the United States. Will this picture be her ticket home for good, which comes on the heels of another snafu of Kellyanne plugging Ivanka’s products on national television?

The social media world is showing fury over this picture today with the posts above not as harsh as some of the other comments you will find posted online. Many of the tweets and Facebook posts have mentioned class, or the lack of class demonstrated by Kellyanne like the tweet below.

Many of the tweets and posts to social media sites picked up on the lack of respect that Kellyanne appears to show the people in the Oval Office, finding her pose absolutely insulting. Like the tweet below. Calls to fire Kellyanne over this are also heard across the social media sites. There’s also a petition online to get Kellyanne ousted from the Trump White House over this picture.

When truth be told, what the president’s adviser was doing was attempting to capture a photo of the group along with President Trump, which is seen in a picture just a few frames away from the one making the rounds online today. You can see that picture below.

The original photo of Kellyanne with her feet up on the couch does leave a bad taste in your mouth when seen alone, but when put it into context, which the next picture (above) does, then it looks rather generic and hardly newsworthy. Maybe the questions today should point to who originally posted this picture of Kellyanne online. Just by looking at it, they had to know it had the potential for a firestorm, so was this a deliberate attempt at doing just that?

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]