Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Fight Over Child Safety And It All Makes Sense [Opinion]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still have several matters to tidy up before the divorce can be final. While initially, Jolie said she wanted the divorce to be over quickly, she’s certainly throwing out a lot of conditions Brad obviously will not agree with.

What Angelina Jolie actually wants out of all this seems a bit hard to discern at first. The big question in the minds of nearly every thinking fan of the couple is why? Why is this really happening?

Brad Pitt had been spending an increasing amount of time at the couple’s lavish chateau in France even before the big fight on the private jet. Brad seemed to be staying out of the way while Angelina focused on her UK and UN political career. It’s even been rumored he didn’t care for her political ideas.

Angelina Jolie wants to sell the home in France that her ex-husband finds so comforting, according to Radar Online. The Chateau Miraval in Southern France was the site of Brad and Angelina’s wedding, and it holds beautiful memories of better times for Brad.

Brad Pitt loves the Chateau Miraval but Angelina Jolie has reportedly gone so far as to say it is cursed. Actually, the Chateau Miraval began as a 13th-century monastery, and later became the home of the Prince of Naples in the 15th century. The site itself has been inhabited since pre-Roman times, according to It seems that third-century residents in the area fought valiantly to keep the Romans out.

Is Angelina Jolie referring to some ancient spirit, or merely her failed marriage which began in that home. Certainly, it is an ancient home in a land rich in historical and spiritual significance, but cursed? Yet Radar Online reports sources close to the couple claim that is what Jolie says.

“She thinks it’s cursed and doesn’t want the kids there, but Brad’s standing firm.”

Brad Pitt wants the house kept in trust for the children, but Angelina Jolie doesn’t even want the children to go into that home. What she means by cursed is still unknown.

Angelina Jolie had surrounded herself with female political friends, as explained in this Inquisitr article. These friends were always with her and left Brad feeling uncomfortable. Pitt and Jolie had always been best friends, talking about everything, but suddenly Brad Pitt felt he had no input.

Brad Pitt was completely excluded from his family for months following the family argument on the jet, in which Angelina Jolie accused him of being abusive to Maddox Pitt. Pitt only saw his children for a few hour on Christmas, even though he had been cleared by both the FBI and child protective services, according to The Sun.

Angelina Jolie wants sole custody of the children, while Brad Pitt has only asked for joint custody. Why is Angelina bent on curtailing Brad’s access to the children? Is she still convinced he is abusive despite the fact a thorough investigation turned up nothing? Is she afraid he will bring them to the “cursed” Chateau Miraval?

Maddox Pitt, the Cambodian child Angelina Jolie adopted when he was only 9-months-old is now 15-years-old. Maddox, her first and oldest child, seems to be playing a central role in rebuilding a family without Brad Pitt.

Angelina 2003 left and 2001 right

Maddox Pitt stepping up to help his mom, Angelina Jolie, not only at home but at work. Maddox is listed in the credits of her Cambodian movie, First They Killed My Father, as an executive producer according to Metro, which is nice, but again why?

So why is Brad Pitt out? The Daily Mail put forth the claim that Brad Pitt disapproved of Angelina Jolie taking the children abroad to war-torn countries like Syria. Pitt had serious safety concerns, as most parents probably would. After all, Syria is in the midst of war and there is a lot of terrorism, bombings, and various armed groups.

Angelina Jolie insists that the family is surrounded by top security guards. Still, what could they do protect children from bombings or armies? Still, the children reportedly love to go, and Maddox is already becoming involved in his mother’s work and various causes.

Could Brad Pitt prevent his children from being taken to war-ravaged countries if he had joint custody or shared custody of any kind? That could be a very good reason why the custody battle is so fierce on both sides.

Maddox, Angelina and Brad Pitt when Maddox was younger

Angelina Jolie takes great pride in taking her children into various foreign lands. Jolie is quoted in The Metro explaining how important it is to her to take the children to Cambodia.

“We’ve been coming back and forth for 17 years, it feels like a second home to me. The children have close ties to the children here, many of them are their best friends. Maddox is happy to be back in his country.”

If Brad Pitt had fears harm could come to the children, he would insist they not go to Syria. The Daily Mail reports that is exactly what happened.

“Angelina, who visited a refugee camp in Jordan only two weeks ago, expressed her desire to take their clan to Syria to help rebuild the country.”

Have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just been fighting over the safety of the children this whole time? Does Brad Pitt fear for the lives of his children in war-torn Syria, while Angelina Jolie is afraid for them to live in an ancient and allegedly cursed French monastery?


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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not that different from all other parents. They want to keep their children safe from harm. Sadly they have different fears, and concerns. Each sees the danger in different situations but not in others.

Is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce finally starting to make sense now?

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