North Korea Executes Officials After Enraging Kim Jong Un, What Got Them Killed? [Opinion]

North Korea is not exactly known for being the best of places to be this day and age, and it seems a few officials under Kim Jong Un found that out the hard way after being killed for reportedly enraging the North Korean Leader this week. Kim Jong Un is by no means a person you want to mess with, as he has no issue with ordering your execution. The North Korean Leader ordered the killing of five senior officials for making false reports according to USA Today.

North Korea ordered the attack via anti-aircraft guns, which is quite a horrific way to go. The National Intelligence Service said that it was unknown at this time what the false reports were regarding. Clearly, it was enough to literally enrage Kim Jong Un, so the reports had to have been something that the leader of North Korea found to be important.

It is being reported that the deaths of the five senior officials out of North Korea are not connected to the death of Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother, Kim Jong Nam. The half-brother was assassinated two weeks ago after being poisoned, with one South Korean spy claiming North Korea is reportedly behind the death. This is quite a dark way to kill a family member, but it is not unheard of throughout history.

Kim Jong Nam

Two women were ordered to poison Kim Jong Nam it seems, with both being from outside North Korea. One woman was from Indonesia while the other is from Vietnam. The poison used to kill Kim Jong Nam was “substance VX,” a known nerve agent. The poison is tasteless and odorless, which makes it a popular poison for chemical warfare.

Poisons like this are used all the time, but this particular poison is on the Weapons of Mass Destruction list. With poisons like this being in play, especially out of North Korea, people have to be careful in this day and age. However, poison is a throwback killer as people can go all the way back to the time of Alexander the Great to see possible poison-related deaths.

It is silent and easy to miss, as people are looking for knives or guns on a person and might miss a poison. Easy to hide and easy to avoid getting caught with for the right people, poison is making a huge comeback in warfare, and it could be considered just as much of a problem as nuclear war at times. Unlike with nuclear war, one does not have to blow up an entire nation and risk losing out on a profitable area. Instead, aspiring people take out whom they want and go forth from there.

Kim Jong Un

It is a move, again, made over centuries. However, there seems to still be a use for guns as these North Korean officials found out the hard way. There has been hope that North Korea can mend fences with some of the nations that have been an issue for them over the years, such as the United States of America. This was actually in the cards, but according to the Washington Post, those talks were off the table when it was confirmed North Korea was behind the death of Kim Jong Nam.

Of course, this was not the only thing the United States feared with North Korea. The talks became an even bigger thing to go forth with at one point because North Korea tested a ballistic missile. It has been reported for some time that North Korea is also underway in preparing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the United States. That said, talks between the Trump administration did make sense, but it was unlikely North Korea would shift their position on things at all.

The most recent deaths out of North Korea on top of the recent poisoning surely will be an issue for anyone hoping to have peaceful talks with the nation. As of now, there are no plans on the table to for the Trump administration to talk with North Korea after the most recent cancellation. However, there are some who believe talks will eventually happen. It’ll be interesting to see if anything changes out of North Korea then, but it is unlikely due to their history over the years.

[Featured Image by David Guttenfelder/AP Images]