Hillary And Michelle Obama Eyed As Fallen Celebs For ‘Dancing With Stars’ Offer? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were both offered gigs on Dancing With The Stars, which might sound like a compliment because this implies they have some skill and energy for such a taxing dance competition. But take a look at the usual stars and celebrities who sign on as contestants with Dancing With The Stars, a good number of them are usually fallen stars looking for a way to make a comeback.

According to the Washington Post, both Hillary and Michelle were approached with a serious request to join the new season of Dancing With The Stars, but both former first ladies turned down the ABC show’s offer. Hillary for one, isn’t known for her dance moves, if you can remember her “dabbed” moves on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you can honestly say she’s not someone known for cutting a rug, unless of course, you give her a pair of scissors.

Michelle, who appears more athletic than the former Secretary of State, can probably dance, but why would she? What type of comeback could Michelle wrangle up after a stint on Dancing With The Stars? Maybe a comedy hour on making the most unappetizing school lunches? Instead of flipping real estate, she can flip those school lunches. How about a garden competition? Sure, the sky’s the limit for Michelle.

The Washington Post calls Hillary’s dance moves on Ellen, her “debate shimmy” and after seeing that they suggest the question of Hillary dancing should be “just no.” According to Fame 10, Dancing With The Stars has had its fair share of blowback for its broad use of the word “star.”

Dancing With The Stars is known for digging deep into the catacombs of C-list stars, many who have long been forgotten. These are the celebrities that are usually asked to join the show as contestants. Does this reflect on Hillary and Michelle? The website does say that 11 stars have made a comeback after appearing on Dancing With The Stars, probably because just getting their face out there has folks remembering who they are.

Did Michelle and Hillary get asked to join the show as a way of giving them a platform for a comeback now that it looks like neither one of them will live in the White House again? It is amazing all the options former top politicians have opened to them. It is not just Hillary and Michelle getting offers today, as a bizarre bit of coaxing is in the air for Barack Obama to take on a new gig that just sauntered his way.

Who said Obama would never be president again? Maybe not in this country, but according to USA Today, there is actually a petition circulating in France to get Barack Obama on the ballot for a presidential run in that country. The thought behind putting Obama in the president’s seat in France is so the former U.S. president will “coax” the country out of its “lethargy.” What did they see Obama do in the U.S. to make them think he is the one to wake all of them up over in France?

If they want a wake-up call, they need someone like Donald Trump or even Ted Cruz. Obama is just too laid back to save any country from a lethargic mood. He is probably not the best choice for shaking them out of the doldrums. The petition, which is called the “Obama 17 petition,” was started by a group of folks who are unhappy with the options for president when the election in France goes off this spring.

It looks like both Michelle and Barack Obama have valid offers in the wings, one could be dancing while the other takes on the job of shaking France out of its lethargic state. Then there’s Hillary, who can’t dance, which was evident from Ellen’s show, but she would fit in with the C-list contestants. It could launch a comeback for the former Secretary of State – or not?

[Feature Image by Chuck Burton/AP Images]