Chelsea Clinton Grows Snarky: Steps In For Hillary Swiping At Trump Online? [Opinion]

Chelsea Clinton is the only child of Hillary and Bill Clinton and up until her mother lost the presidential election, she’s been a rather generic presence in the political world. With 1.5 million followers on Twitter, she had an audience, but Chelsea only used this platform for safe causes, like elephant poaching, which is a cause that she wouldn’t be shamed for.

According to Politico, Chelsea’s words on water for Peru were retweeted an unimpressive 84 times, which seems to suggest that her followers might be hooked up to her Twitter account seeking another topic of news. It wasn’t until her mother lost the election that she seemed to grow some tweeting claws and her safe-bet-tweeting went from bland to snarky and sarcastic. This time around she also took aim.

When Chelsea put Trump and Kellyanne Conway in her scopes, that Twitter post was retweeted 41,000 times. Now her audience is waking up and ready to hear what she has to say next. With whispers of Chelsea contemplating a political career, one can’t help but wonder which famous parent she will model herself after when it comes to her political style, Bill or Hillary?

With a mother and father who are quite possibly the most famous set of politicians of modern-times, Chelsea’s runway is ready and waiting. Will she take on a persona that will mirror more Bill Clinton or will she be more like Hillary? Her latest tweets might just give you a good indication.

Chelsea is already displaying her mother’s tendencies with her passive aggressive jabs, like tweeting, “What happened in Sweden Friday night? Did they catch the Bowling Green Massacre perpetrators?” She aimed this at both Trump and Conway for allegedly fabricating terrorist attacks, according to Politico. This was the post retweeted 41,000 times. She apparently woke up her dormant followers with that tweet.

Chelsea’s tweet mirrors Hillary’s style, which is seen when her mother took a swipe at Trump a few weeks back by simply tweeting “3-0.” She never mentioned a name but the masses knew it was a passive aggressive jab at Trump’s attempt to get his immigration stop reinstated. The three judges voted 3-0 against the reinstatement, giving Hillary those numbers for a swat at the man living her dream.

Hillary has a tendency to sneak those jabs in there, where Bill really wasn’t a jabbing kind of guy. He was a more duck and cover when avoiding conflict, which was seen when the firestorm started over his time with the intern, Monica Lewinsky. If it wasn’t for that ordeal, one might say that Bill was a pretty even keeled guy and not one to stir up trouble on purpose.

Both Hillary and Bill were not what some might call forth coming when accused of inappropriate deeds. Hillary with her private server and classified emails and Bill with “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” a quote that made it into Time Magazine‘s Top 10 Political One-Liners back in 2008.

So where would Chelsea as the only Clinton apple fall from the family tree? If she does pursue her own political career will she take that career on with the attitude of her mother or father? As Politico suggests, “since the election Chelsea Clinton seems to have had a social media personality transplant.”

According to the Observer, “Simultaneously, mainstream media outlets and Clinton loyalists began elevating Chelsea Clinton as an anti-Trump spokesperson.” The Washington Post reported that Chelsea’s personal Twitter account “has lately been getting saltier,” so people are taking notice of the Chelsea Twitter transformation.

You can see her mother’s style in her tweets, like this one from a few weeks ago, “Is it funny sad or sad funny that our Dept. of Education misspelled the name of the great W. E. B. Du Bois?” Her mother’s sarcasm seems to be woven into the grain of this tweet, just as it is in a tweet Chelsea sent out last week – “What’s #MAGA abt eliminating national service, legal services for poor people, support for the arts & public television? What am I missing?”

Hillary is more likely to allude to something by making it into a question, or a short statement, like her “3-0” tweet. Now that people are noticing this change in Chelsea’s online appearance, some see Chelsea’s social media makeover as more cynical. They believe her new persona is a way to “remain relevant.” Politico cites people seeing Chelsea’s new online persona as something in the Clinton family’s DNA, it comes through in their inability to “leave the stage completely.”

While Hillary Clinton would like to see herself as someone not having anything at all in common with Donald Trump, there is something that they do seem to share in common. Looking at it one way, it seems that Trump and Hillary both like being the center of attention, or maybe even crave it. This could be something the public is also seeing in Chelsea today.

That pep rally that Trump held in Florida last week gave him a shot of those cheers and applause once again that he raked in along the campaign trail. He didn’t need to hold that rally, he has already won the election and had been sitting in the White House for nearly a month. But for some reason it seemed to give him a shot of energy.

Then there is Hillary who has taken to seeing Broadway show after Broadway show, but is it the plays that she’s enjoying or the standing ovation she gets when entering the New York theaters? It could be that Chelsea has a tad of this need too and now that her mom and dad are out of the political limelight, she may very well feel the need to carry it on?

[Featured Image by John Minchillo/AP Images]