‘Hillary Beat Trump’ Fake Website — A Place To Whine Or Get Under Trump’s Skin? [Opinion]

Hillary Beat Trump is a new website created for Hillary Clinton and her supporters to dwell in an alternate reality, which is how some folks see it, while other’s tag the satirical site as a place to get under Donald Trump’s skin. Hillary Clinton is really the president of this great nation, according to a new fake news website that some claim was created to ease the pain of her supporters. It looks like the website Hillary Beats Trump is celebrating the presidency of Hillary Clinton, but some might see this as rather sad and most likely bizarre.

Whatever the pretense was for creating this site, irate Trump supporters are flocking to the Hillary Beat Trump website to offer up their thoughts on the fake president. The supporters of Trump don’t agree with the warm and fuzzy fake news reports about Hillary Clinton in her alternate reality. They certainly don’t agree with the disparaging fake reports about Trump and his supporters, which is evident by the comments made online.

According to the Washington Post, the Hillary Beat Trump website has Hillary’s approval ratings skyrocketing and Trump is on the cusp of being charged by the Department of Justice with treason. The Post is reporting the goal of this satirical website is to get under Trump’s skin and also the skin of his supporters with the heading on the front page blaring, “President Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

If this website was devised to catch the eye of Trump supporters, then it has successfully completed that mission, as Trump supporters are flocking to it, cites the Washington Post. But in today’s media world the different slants on the same topic in the news are a common occurrence and this is happening with the Hillary Beats Trump website topic today. Some see this as taunting Trump, while others see this as a place for Hillary supporters to “whine” over Hillary losing the election.

Some report the site is designed to poke Trump and his supporters with a stick, but the Daily Mail reports the Hillary Beat Trump website allows Hillary’s supporters a place to visit where they can pretend Hillary won. The fake news website, which calls itself a movement, allows you to subscribe to their newsletter so you can receive more fake articles like the ones they’ve published so far.

The titles for the articles demonstrate a stretch on wishful thinking like, “Historians say Clinton’s presidency is already in all time top 5.” They even channel God as a Hillary supporter, which is seen in the title of the article, “God comes out as Hillary Supporter.” Then they really turn the tables with this headline, “Harmless fantasy of fake news? Facebook users pretend Trump won the election.”

The website Hillary Beat Trump also dims the light on Trump’s supporters and other politicians from the Republican Party. The website offers an article that is titled, “Cruz: I framed OJ,” which pulls Ted Cruz into the fake news. Then to get another point across they have Ann Coulter losing on the game show Jeopardy to an illegal immigrant.

Their mantra “Long live the true president, Hillary Rodham Clinton” is in full view on the Hillary Beat Trump website. While some look at this website as a way to ruffle Trump and Trump supporters’ feathers, Heat Street describes the Hillary Beat Trump concept as “a fantasy for people who, six months on, still can’t quite come to grips with reality.” So for that reason, they’ve made up their own.

Heat Street also describes how the website “whines” on it’s “about page” that claims there’s “a Constitutional crisis.” Apparently one way to fix this crisis is to create a fake world with a fake website where Hillary is the fake leader of the free world?

For the first few days the site was up and running, no one could trace it back to it’s creator, but she’s since revealed herself only to speak under the promise of anonymity. She’s a 30-year old East Coast writer who fears becoming a conservative target in real life for creating this fake life on a website. At this point you might find yourself thinking that all this fake talk is getting harder and harder to decipher today.

The creator of the Hillary Beat Trump website is harboring the fear of becoming a target. This might seem ironic to some folks, considering her website targets everyone from Trump to Cruz. Not her though, she’s apparently playing it safe under the veil of anonymity. She told the Washington Post that Hillary Beat Trump is meant to “serve as a refuge from reality for liberals.” She calls it her idea of a “joyful middle finger.”

[Featured Image by Doug Mills/AP Images]