Trump Spell: Witches, Remember The Threefold Law [Opinion]

There will be a Donald Trump spell cast by witches all over the world tonight, so if you thought that the anti-Trump hysteria couldn’t possibly get any worse, obviously you were wrong. Songstress Lana Del Ray took to Twitter to encourage covens and solitary witches to perform a binding spell on Trump, of which the purpose of is to hold the president back from leading the nation, essentially “binding” him from governing.

On February 16, someone who goes by the name michaelmhughes posted the ritual on a blog cite: “A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him.” That last part suggests that the president won’t be the only one affected by this Trump spell, but also those who are loyal to him, which one would think would include his administration, family, friends, and maybe even his supporters.

The Spell

Starting on February 24 at midnight (so technically on February 25), the Trump spell will be executed, and then repeated every time the moon is a waning crescent “until he is removed from office.”

Trump spell waning crescent moon

Basically, the people who developed this ritual and all who participate in it think they’re entitled to decide what’s best for America, which they’re not, and I believe that this Trump spell, as a binding ritual, is meant to do the president and those close to him harm.

For example, what if the universe decides to use the energy from this mass binding and kill Trump as a way to prevent him from governing the nation? What if the energy produced from this ritual is used to severely injure and/or debilitate him, like in a car crash? What if it gives him a degenerative brain disease like Alzheimers? I know those who will be working the spell can hardly be bothered by any of these things, but it is something for any one you interested in partaking in the Trump spell to consider.

The Threefold Rule

In witchcraft there is something called a “Threefold Law, Rule of Three and/or Law of Return” and it revolves around the idea of karma; that everything you put out into the world as a witch, whether it’s intended to be positive or negative, will come back to you threefold. So let’s say a witch does a spell on a person to die in a fire. The spellcaster ought to be prepared for that negative intention to come back to them not just one or twofold, but threefold. What’s three times worse than dying in a fire?

Now, whoever wrote the Trump spell felt compelled to reassure anyone interested in doing it themselves that the Rule of Three doesn’t apply to a binding ritual, as binding is a way of keeping someone from doing something, not a means to harm an individual. However, like I already mentioned, once the spell is over, it’s up to the universe how it’s going to use the energy conjured up and released, not the spellcaster.

Therefore, if this Trump spell of binding ends in disastrous consequences (it doesn’t matter if you personally believe in spell-casting or not, because witches do believe in it) I believe the witches who partake in it should be prepared to face the inevitable backlash made possible by the Threefold Law.

Abstract depiction of karma

Just as you may believe Donald Trump deserves whatever he gets as a result of this spell, you deserve whatever you get in return. The universe takes karma very seriously and I know this from personal experience.

There is literature out there that attempts to pooh-pooh the significance of the Threefold Law, which I believe is dangerous. Believe what you like, but don’t mess with the power of the universe, because it’s a power you can’t see until it’s too late. If you don’t want bad things to happen to you, don’t wish bad things upon others. It’s very simple, really.

This Trump spell will happen, I’m afraid, and witches old and new will conjure up energy with the intention of keeping Donald from doing his job. The rest of the world, meanwhile, will wait to see if the magic brought forth by witchcraft really works, so I suppose at least something positive will come out of this.

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