Barron Trump In Award-Winning Photo: A Kid In A ‘Silent Scream’ Or Just Yawning? [Opinion]

A photo of Barron Trump that is simply titled “BARRON” has won a prestigious award for the photographer who captured this moment in time. The photo that shows Barron Trump riding in a limo with his father, President Donald Trump, won this yearly award for the Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford.

This award comes from the White House News Photographers Association, which has a contest every February. This year there already seems to be more buzz about the photo that won the award because Barron Trump is the main subject of the picture. Botsford’s photo won first place for the Inauguration 2017 category in the Still Contest for the 2017 Eyes Of History. You can see the award-winning photo in the Facebook post below.

This has opened the door for just about everybody to do their own analyzing of this photo, which stirs up more Barron Trump questions today. According to the website Reading the Pictures, “the photo titled ‘BARRON’ (below), might be the most fascinating and provocative choice of all the photo contests this year.”

Reading the Pictures critic Michael Shaw handled this picture with kid gloves, citing “given the media blackout of children of the president, how far can we go in analyzing this acclaimed piece of journalism?” The expression on Barron’s face, in contrast to his father’s thumbs-up, does entice quite the critique about what you are seeing in the picture.

“To what extent is it respectful or safe to tease out the meaning, power and symbolism of the prized scene?” Shaw asks.

Other than looking at the award-winning picture and saying, yes, this is Donald Trump and his son Barron, what else can you say without going over that media blackout line? They say that “every picture is worth a thousand words,” and this photo is no different, especially when it comes to Barron’s expression.

In the picture, which was taken on inauguration day, you can see Trump giving a thumbs-up through one window in a limo and there’s Barron looking out another window. Barron’s expression doesn’t seem to flow along the lines of a thumbs-up like his father.

“The child’s expression could be seen to represent the alienation, the horror even, so many people feel over Trump’s election,” Shaw conveys. He goes on to say, “Call it a silent scream.”

Opposing Views suggests that when Shaw goes on to ask “whether Barron is alright,” this brings up memories of the question the suspended Katie Rich was asking on Saturday Night Live. This is not something the media is supposed to be asking about the young son of the president.

Rich’s horrific comment came from her questioning Barron’s “apparent inability” to pay attention to all the activities during Trump’s inauguration. That is when she made that terrible remark regarding Barron, which doesn’t need repeating here.

When the White House News Photographers Association judges picked this photo as the winner, they had to know the photo would be critiqued. The photo stood above the rest more than likely for the facial expression on young Barron. Unfortunately, in today’s political climate, the critiques of this photo’s subject matter will more than likely offer up a few that are not of a positive nature.

The photographer has got a great eye for catching a moment in time. The photo entices interest because it catches Barron’s facial expression when he was able to let his guard down. He is riding in the safety of a limo while taking shelter from the overwhelming crowds. He is in a safe place away from the gaping eyes of the world after being in the spotlight all day. It seems to symbolize the aftermath of a day of having to be on display, which would be overwhelming for a young boy Barron’s age. But that is not how others see it.

The photographer caught a moment in time of a 10-year-old boy who looked a little overwhelmed by all that was going on, which is totally normal for anyone of any age at such a majestic-like event. Barron has his mouth open and he appears to be looking at a soldier saluting the limo as the new president rides by.

Is Barron demonstrating a “silent scream,” as Shaw suggests, or did the photographer catch Barron in the middle of a yawn after a long and drawn-out day? It is an adorable picture of Barron and you could probably read a thousand things into his facial expression, but for any mother who has taken her brood on a road trip, this is a familiar look. Moms have seen the same facial expression on their kids through the rear view mirror as they drive from point A to point B on any road trip that lasts more than 30 minutes.

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