Richard Gere Gerbil Myth Returns After Actor Slams Donald Trump’s Executive Order [Opinion]

We thought we’d heard the last of the rumor about Richard Gere and the infamous gerbil myth, but we were wrong. The actor has surfaced once more to ring in with his view on Donald Trump’s executive order concerning extreme vetting.

Before Donald Trump inaugural speech had time to fade from our minds, he had begun signing a rather astounding number of executive orders. Some of them had been forgettable, while others not so much. Among the latter were ones that initiated his alleged war on illegal immigrants.

Trump had jump-started his effort to build a large wall between Mexico and the United States with the intention of detaining all immigrants who couldn’t prove their U.S. citizenship and send them back. Technically, the detention should already be happening, but the population of Southwestern states such as California, Arizona, and New Mexico appears to prove the opposite.

Some of these illegal immigrants have taken jobs and proven to be effective and cheap labor, while others have settled on government assistance programs like welfare and food stamps. It is the latter which Donald Trump is allegedly trying to eliminate, though his wording in reference to the plan has proven more troublesome than not.

Many among the press have taken to focusing on the poorly chosen words, and have called Trump the next Hitler. He has yet to actually round up immigrants or minorities and place them in concentration camps, though. The closest he’s done is to attempt to mobilize the National Guard to reinforce the borders on all sides except Canada, since blocking off Alaska wouldn’t go over well politically.

This hasn’t stopped numerous celebrities from attacking the president for his “hateful” actions against Muslims and Mexicans, though. Pitbull had called him out during the campaign to tell him to “watch out for El Chapo,” and even Black Lives Matter became a commanding presence at some of his rallies.

Richard Gere had taken to slamming the “Muslim ban” during his speech at the Berlin International Film Festival on Friday.

“The number of hate crimes went up enormously as soon as Donald Trump started running for president, in the United States and in Europe. Unfortunately, we have leaders [who] stimulate fear, and that fear causes us to do really terrible things. I think that’s part of what we’re talking about in the film. We have to be really careful how we talk to each other and characterize each other. The most horrible thing Trump has done is conflate the terms refugee and terrorist.”

It appears obvious that Gere was making this speech to promote his latest film The Dinner, in which he plays an ambitious politician embroiled in controversy surrounding his son’s racist hate crime. Richard claimed he would never attend a dinner with President Donald Trump for the reason quoted above, according to Breitbart.

The end of Gere’s speech included the sentence, “We have to embrace each other and love each other.”

This started a resurfacing of the old myth that Richard Gere had placed a gerbil in his anus once, a source of humor ever since. This time, the mention of loving each other led to many responding with the joke.

According to Uproxx, it’s unclear where the rumor actually started. Sylvester Stallone was originally said to be responsible for the story, but the actor claims Richard Gere had started it. The rumor became a publicly accepted “fact” when Gere had stayed quiet on the matter.

For further evidence supposedly confirming Richard Gere’s gerbil incident, there had been a comment on the internet in 2013 in which someone claimed to be friends with an ER nurse. The nurse had allegedly been one of those who had removed the furry creature from the actor’s rectum, according to the comment.

Being a comment on an article with no viable source, it was likely someone pulling the classic “troll” tactic.

It was in 2008 that Gere laid the story to rest, or so he’d thought.

“I stopped reading the press a long time ago. Lots of crazy things came up about me at first, especially from the tabloids. There is an infamous ‘Gere stuck a hamster up his bum’ urban myth.”

Of course, the joke will live on, because that’s how people often are.

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