Melania Flinching At Donald Trump’s Touch – Maybe Just Static Electricity? [Opinion]

The reports of Melania Trump flinching at the touch of her husband’s hand on her arm have gained momentum online today. This occurred during Saturday night’s rally as Melania stood at the podium ready to speak to the crowd. These new reports follow previous reports of how Melania’s gorgeous smile turned into a frown when President Trump turned his back on her at the inauguration. Some people believe Melania’s alleged behaviors are evidence of an unhappy wife.

Critics are seeing glimpses of serious discontentment on Melania’s face as many of the reports in the news today seem to morph into rumors of an unhappy first lady. These are just a few of the things Melania is facing via the news. She was also recently the target of posted quips telling Melania to “blink twice” if she is in trouble. Melania was also the recent subject for some experts, who claim to know what a wife under her husband’s control looks like, according to the Quint. Why are all these people pegging Melania as a woman stuck in an unhappy marriage?

According to Cosmopolitan, there are some who claim that Melania’s appearance at Trump’s campaign rally on Saturday offered up a telling sign of a wife not too happy with her husband. First of all, Melania made a rare speaking appearance, then she knocked the crowd’s socks off when reciting the Lord’s Prayer, something not often seen in politics today.

But it is not her prayer that’s under debate, although critics did try to shame her for bringing religion into a political event. It’s the body language she exhibits when she’s around her husband, Donald Trump, that is being picked apart.

Her latest reported “flinch” occurred when Trump touched her arm right before she was about to break into that prayer at Saturday’s event. This clip is being played over and over again today. The video can be seen below in a tweet.

Was Melania flinching or was she just nervous? Being an intelligent woman, she had to know that reciting a religious prayer at a political gathering might cause some friction, which may have caused her some anxiety. Melania was standing on the stage with thousands of people in the crowd waiting to hear what she has to say, which would make even a person with the toughest skin anxiety riddled. You really can’t take any one facial grimace and weave an unhappy marriage into it.

There was just too much going on externally to say without conviction that this is the one reason why she made a certain move. The move she made was over and done with in a flash. The same thing occurred on inauguration day when Melania was seen with a smile, which did appear to drop into a frown as soon as Trump turned his back on her. Melania’s now famous frown clip is seen below in a tweet.

You can also see the aftermath picture in the tweet below of that frown. A Facebook user calls this picture proof that Melania is not fond of her husband. In all seriousness, Melania could have had a sudden attack of gas, or a case of that terrible acid bubbling up from your stomach after too much coffee or tea? That look isn’t even directed at Trump, she is looking off to the side.

It wasn’t long after this frown incident that #FreeMelania started to surface online, according to The Sun. Then came the quips of “blink twice,” which were also posted as a reference to Melania being in trouble within her marriage. All because she didn’t plaster a fake smile on her face 100 percent of the time she was seen in public.

Again, there was just too much going on around her to say what looked like a sudden frown is due to an unhappy wife. Critics of Melania throw their verbal stones about her lack of public appearances and about her wish to remain in Trump Towers until her son Barron has finished out the school year. But the same critics can’t seem to empathize with Melania when it comes to all the disparaging things being said about her online and in the news.

Can you blame the woman for not putting herself out to the public more often than she has? Each time Melania has appeared in the public eye, she’s either tagged as an unhappy wife or if Barron is along, someone is finding fault with some of his actions as well. Why isn’t anyone making headlines out of the body language of the endearing moments caught on camera of Trump and Melania together, like their dance below?

This is a picture that shows “genuine affection” between Melania and Donald Trump, suggests the Reddit user who posted this to Facebook. It is hard to read anything else but a loving scene into this photo.

As for a clip of the two, check out the one below as they got up and danced alone on stage in front of just about everyone on the planet. That would be one nerve-racking moment for anyone, but Donald and Melania Trump seemed to have a mutual admiration for one another that helped get them through this. That admiration is seen in fleeting gazes and smiles that they shared with each other during this dance. This bond they seemed to have together might have given them the strength to carry out this flawless dance seen around the world.

Think about who Melania is and her lot in life when it comes to Donald Trump. She has been with her husband for over a decade. So if she is so unhappy what is stopping Melania from leaving year after year? Nothing. Melania is with her husband because that is where she wants to be, not because she is stuck in a marriage. It is 2017, no one has to stay in a marriage if they don’t want to.

If the people want Melania to become more of a public figure, maybe it is time to start welcoming her instead of pulling her, her family, and her marriage apart each time she shows up on the public’s radar. As for that supposed flinch seen coming from Melania at the rally on Saturday, that could have been something as simple as a static electricity shock that made her move that way. The only one who can truly read Melania Trump’s body language is Melania herself and she’s expressed her love for her husband time and time again.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]