Donald Trump Needs ‘Constant Praise,’ Runs Amok On Twitter, Claims Staffers? [Opinion]

A new interview with Donald Trump’s campaign staffers reveals how Trump’s Twitter tendencies are hard to keep in check. This stems from Trump’s alleged preoccupation with the negative coverage he hears about himself via TV news. Melania and Barron’s absence from the White House may also play into the problem, according to this interview with these staff members.

Without Melania and Barron in Washington, “staffers speculate that the president may have difficulty overcoming his obsession with negative coverage anytime soon,” according to Raw Story. This seems to indicate that both Melania and Barron offer up enough distraction to take Trump’s mind off of the negative news coverage for a while.

There are some strategies used for curtailing Trump’s spur of the moment tweets, which Trump’s campaign staffers used while attempting to get a handle on this. These staffers had their hands full with keeping Trump off Twitter when he would see something negative in the news. They also report that he is “seemingly addicted to cable news.”

It sounds like they’ve taken a play out of an NFL game book with the strategies they describe using on Trump. They seem to have found a way to run interference with him when it comes to keeping Trump from “running too hot” and taking to Twitter to blow off the steam.

To keep Trump from getting overheated and jumping on Twitter without thinking it through first, the staff members would show him the websites for the news media that tend to support Trump. He was shown the positive comments made by sites such as Fox News, the Daily Caller, Breitbart, and Infowars, which is a conspiracy theory website, according to the Raw Story.

If Trump saw that there was positive activity reported about him on the friendly sites, this worked for curtailing his need to respond to the negative comments by taking to Twitter, the staffers said. But if he thought that folks weren’t responding to something negative that was said about him, then he would hop back on Twitter to retaliate in his own words.

The campaign staff members also note that leaving Trump alone “can prove damaging” because he’d watch TV and take to Twitter, especially if something got him upset. They also said the president is a man who “needs constant praise.” The latest buzz about the importance of keeping Trump from watching too much TV, his need for praise, and his tendency to hit back on Twitter was offered up by his campaign staff members during an interview with the news site Politico.

Most everyone is aware what happens when Trump bites back at someone on Twitter, the floodgates open across the social media sites conjuring even more negative press about the man. When Trump would use Twitter to go after someone he felt had slighted him, then the news across the social media sites might look something like the tweet below. Staffers from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign have reportedly warned that too much TV could be dangerous for the president for this very reason.

Trump’s former communications director, Sam Nunberg, said that it was important to show “candidate Trump” the positive and fair coverage from other news outlets when he became upset about the negative coverage he was getting. During the campaign, it was cable news that Trump turned to for coverage, he read very little that was posted online.

Trump’s campaign staffers also told Politico that he is a man who “requires constant praise.” This might coincide with what was seen at that pep rally Trump held last week, which CNN refers to as “campaign-level adulation.” For some reason, it appeared that he needed another shot in the arm of the praise and cheers that he took in from his supporters along the campaign trail.

It was last Saturday when Trump took to the podium in front of a crowd in Florida, much like the days while he was campaigning. This rally took place at about the 30-day mark of Trump being in office and on the heels of a very chaotic first month. As CNN suggests, it was almost as if he “reverted back to his campaign habits” by “basking in what energized him.”

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]