Impeachment Of Donald Trump, Swiss Meeting With Putin All Lies [Debunked] [Opinion]

The so-called pending impeachment of Donald Trump is as real as his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland prior to his election. Both turned out to be based on fake news.

The running trend of fake news is becoming detrimental to the overall integrity of what we hear daily, and it doesn’t appear that any of it is going to stop until the sources quit twisting words to support an agenda. One of the latest reports included one where President Donald Trump was in the process of mobilizing the National Guard and rounding up illegal immigrants. It turned out to be “clickbait” fueled by Associated Press to anger left-wing pundits.

The actual document it was based on said nothing beyond strengthening border patrol and airport security. If you’re already established but haven’t earned citizenship yet, nobody is going to take you out of your home as long as you don’t commit any serious crimes.

The initial headline that fueled the rumor about the impeachment of Donald Trump was used by Bipartisan Report, who claimed that the process has begun as FEC paperwork has been filed. Author Eliza Mayhew stated that the whole reason behind this notion was Trump’s Russian connections.

Vladimir Putin, as fake news reported, met with Trump in Switzerland prior to the campaign.

It was alleged that Vladimir Putin allowed Russian hackers to manipulate the 2016 U.S. presidential election, rigging it so Donald Trump would win. There was literally more evidence of Hillary Clinton having criminal ties, due to the illegal storage of classified information on a private server. It had been deleted, but WikiLeaks proved that some of the money from her campaign had come from wealthy Qatar officials who also funded ISIS and al-Qaeda.

It seemed clear that Putin had something to gain from helping Donald Trump win the election, due to another false rumor. It was said that prior to the 2016 elections, Trump had met with Putin in Switzerland. This indicates that the two have ties, and thanks to the media bias of the time, Putin congratulating Donald Trump on winning the election only seemed to cement the idea.

The problem with it all is that there was no meeting in Switzerland. Fake news sites had made it up to get views and rake in the money from gullible left-wing pundits looking for anything they could use against Donald Trump. The names of these sites were designed to sound like legitimate sources in three major cities. However, they were all identical in appearance and content. The core common source cited by these publications was the authorship of a dossier by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 agent who had gone into hiding to protect himself.

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele had no such dossier connecting Trump and Putin.

It’s a classic case of covering their tracks so they can’t be proven wrong. According to the New York Times, Russia and Trump have both denied the existence of any such connection in said dossier.

Going back to the paperwork being filed to impeach Donald Trump, it’s important to note, as Cornell University’s legal pages specify, that the FEC has nothing to do with the impeachment process. The FEC is only involved in elections, not removing a President afterward.

Liberal and conservative biases can both be problematic, and the rise of fake news proves it. As a news reader, look into the facts and see for yourself if they actually support the claim. If there is a document mentioned, read the document. If the news source doesn’t link to that document, the site or their writer may be promoting an agenda.

As Terry Goodkind, the author of Wizard’s First Rule, once wrote, people will believe whatever they want or fear to be true. These days, a lot of people want Donald Trump out of the White House.

A lot of people, with the aid of the Electoral College, also put him there. Get the facts before you believe anything.

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