Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s Claims On Travel Ban Contradict Donald Trump [Opinion]

Press Secretary Sean Spicer met with the press on Wednesday to discuss a variety of things, including the controversial travel ban where his words seem to contradict President Donald Trump’s original campaign plan for the travel ban. The travel ban specifically targets the Middle Eastern areas, all of which have a high Muslim population. Of course, the Republican Party does not want anyone to believe they are against the Islamic faith or any faith at all.

This is why they have been trying to clean up the mess that Donald Trump left after his campaign for the role as president of the United States concluded. During his campaign, Donald Trump specifically targeted Muslims and Hispanic people. This is when he spoke of the wall to begin with and used fear from ISIS to push that Muslims are the main cause of harm, and not Islamic extremists that make up less than 1 percent of the Islamic population.

Islam is a religion followed by over 1 billion people all over the world, with only a tiny fraction of them being extremists. This is something that most in both parties are pushing, but the travel ban was put out anyway and specifically targeted areas that did not even attack the United States of America. Yet the ones that were known for attacks on the U.S. were coincidentally left off the list.

Trump Executive Order

Sean Spicer told the press on Wednesday that Donald Trump’s travel ban had nothing to do with religion, which goes against the campaign promise of Donald Trump where he promised to go after Muslims, even suggesting that they register.

Regardless, Trump’s campaign pushed heavily against Muslims and the ban goes right along with it. To be fair to the president, he has kept his word. The issue regarding the ban is that it makes absolutely no sense in theory. The ban would only be short term, a few months. It does not target any area that attacked the U.S., and there have been no recent threats out of these areas either.

Many throw out the fact that former President Barack Obama had a similar plan that targeted these same countries, but nothing was found to be an issue with them. This meant that Donald Trump going after these areas using a former plan from Obama made no sense as intelligence suggests that there isn’t an issue. This meant that the travel ban is targeting the Islamic religion alone, with no threats being known for bans to even be needed.

Sean Spicer

The executive order made by Donald Trump was blocked by the Ninth Circuit federal appeals court earlier this month. It is now going through the legal system as we speak after Trump pushed for it to still be done. Sean Spicer has remained consistent with his words in claiming that this is not based on religion but rather something else, he told the press on Wednesday.

“It was crafted in a way that was very clear about the countries, and it was not focused on anything else but the vetting requirements that we have to make sure that we know who’s coming into this country, and to that they’re here not to do us any harm. He’s made it very clear from the beginning that this was a country-focused issue, a safety-focused issue, and that’s why he issued it.”

However, Spicer is highly incorrect in saying Trump did this on country alone and not religion when campaign material alone screams it is based on religion.

Judge Leonie M. Brinkema suspended the order in the state of Virginia and did not mind telling the world why, stating, “The ‘Muslim ban’ was a centerpiece of the president’s campaign for months, and the press release calling for it was still available on his website as of the day this Memorandum Opinion is being entered. Just as the Supreme Court has held that ‘the world is not made brand new every morning,’ a person is not made brand new simply by taking the oath of office.”

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Donald Trump still has his plan regarding refugees on his campaign site that claims exactly what people are saying, especially the judges and court, regarding the ban. The plan from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump called “for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

This means that yes, indeed, the travel ban is Islamic-centered and not based on threat if we go on the plan Donald Trump had since moment one. If it was based on threats to the United States of America, then Saudi Arabia and Egypt alone would be on the list at least along with the rest, but they are conveniently left off. Literally, the people responsible for 9/11 came from these nations and they’re not even added to the list with others. Moreover, we’re not making a special travel ban just for them due to being KNOWN threats?

It seems Donald Trump and his administration got the point regarding what occurred, which is why they plan to issue a new plan that the courts won’t deem as bad, which is probably a good plan. At the very least, adding actually known threatening nations to the list would at least make it mean something. However, if it appears to look the exact same with only a few additions to the list, then it’ll be shot down again most likely.

All of this being said, it seems Sean Spicer and the rest of the Republican Party behind Donald Trump are doing what they can to try and navigate through the sea of mines the president set up due to his controversial campaign. That means we’re going to get a lot of contradictions and missteps. Possibly the biggest question is, will we get more lies in the process?

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