Was Trump’s Sweden Comment A Ploy To Trick The Media? [Opinion]

Was Trump’s Sweden comment a ploy to trick the media into covering the refugee-friendly country? Some are speculating that yes, it absolutely was a trick, but if they’re right, did it work?

Donald Trump caused a media maelstrom on Saturday when he told a crowd of his supporters, “when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden.”

“Sweden?” The media said. “What’s going on in Sweden?”

When they found out that nothing of merit had happened “last night” as the president had said it had, I’m sure liberal journalists across the globe were salivating over their keyboards, delighted at the chance to call him out.

“What happened in Sweden? Trump’s statement baffles actual Swedes,” wrote Mercury News.

“Sweden has no idea why Donald Trump is talking about the country,” said Salon.

“Trump’s invention of a Swedish terrorist attack was funny. But it likely comes from a dark place.”

That one is from Vox.

The thing is, except for the whole “last night” part, which I believe was an honest mistake on Trump’s part, a lot of people (contrary to what the mainstream press says) know what he’s talking about with Sweden. The country opened its doors to literally hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees at the beginning of what we now call the “refugee crisis” or “migrant crisis.” What the Swedish government was seemingly not prepared for was the conflict that would inevitably result from the forced integration of two very different cultures.

Rape Capital Of The West

This is what Trump is talking about with his comment on Sweden. He’s talking about how Sweden is now the rape capital of the West.

The statistics speak for themselves. According to right-wing think tank Gatestone Institute, ever since the Swedish government voted to subject their predominantly white, European country to multiculturalism over 40 years ago, rape in Sweden has gone up 1,472 percent as of February 2015. Violent crime has risen 300 percent.

Around that same time, Sweden moved to become the second most likely place in the world to be raped, right behind the African nation of Lesotho.

Sexual assault isn’t the only concern. On January 28, just a few weeks prior to Trump’s Sweden comment, the Daily Express published a news article titled “SWEDEN AT BREAKING POINT: Police make urgent plea for help as violent crime spirals.”

The Malmo head of police, Stefan Sinteus, reached out for help in a public statement, insisting that his crew was doing everything possible to combat the criminal-driven havoc, but it wasn’t enough. Add to that the fact that Sinteus claims that suspects are close to impossible to catch, and the Swedish city is on the brink of total anarchy.

Sinteus’ plea came in the wake of the murder of a teen Iraqi boy in the Malmo community of Rosengard. Witnesses to the crime were reportedly too scared to talk due to threats from the perpetrator(s).

“Rosengard has a majority migrant population of more than 80 per cent, and has been labelled the ‘most notorious refugee ghetto’ in Sweden.”

This marks the second time in recent history that Malmo-area law enforcement was forced to petition cops from other parts of the country for assistance in dealing with excessive violent crime. The first time was in July of 2016.

But remember, actual Swedes are clueless about the significance of Trump’s Sweden comment.

Swedish Police Have Had Enough

And there’s more; lots more. A little over a week before Donald Trump made his “Sweden incident” comment, a Swedish cop took to social media to vent his frustrations about the immense amount of savage crime he and his brethren have had to deal with thanks to the country’s open-door migrant policy.

The Facebook post, according to RT, drew a great deal of support from police officers across Sweden. But of course, in the politically correct world we’re now forced to live in, the truth will get you in trouble.

The officer’s name is Peter Springrare, and his rant definitely calls out men from a different ethnic and cultural background from his own.

“…this is what I’ve handled from Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police…

“Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammad, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again.”

Springrare goes on to say that Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Turkey are where the vast majority of the suspects of these crimes come from.

Those who support Peter’s message formed a Facebook group of their own, “Stå upp för Peter Springrare,” which in English translates to “Stand Up For Peter Springrare.” As of the time of this writing, the group had almost 183,000 members.

Another paper by the Gatestone Institute better puts into perspective the problems mass migrant influx has created for the citizens of Sweden. The report, of course, is completely devoid of political correctness, which really means it’s full of statistics that most liberals of the world would prefer to not face.

Flawed System

Middle Eastern refugees are traveling to Sweden because of the generosity of the country. If you’re a migrant who just arrived in Sweden, you’re paid solely because of your refugee status. Why is this? Because the Swedish government (unbelievably) believes giving money away will motivate refugees to integrate with Swedes and find work.

I don’t know about you, but if someone is giving me money for doing absolutely nothing, why on earth would I think, “Well, I’d better go find a job now”?

Anti-refugee sign in Sweden

Migrants new to the country are granted an allowance by the government, which really means it’s paid for by the taxpayers, for at least the first two years they reside in the country and likely longer than even that.

“This makes Sweden a paradise for the migrants of the world who do not want to work.”

Stockholm Riots

In the wake of Trump’s Sweden comment, as most of his naysayers were getting their disbelief, sarcasm, and scrutiny out of their system, violence broke out, seemingly verifying President Trump’s mention of the country.

Turns out maybe Trump was onto something, or wasn’t he? Articles from the Washington Post and Snopes, which say that immigrant violence in Sweden is a myth even as they report on the Stockholm riots that happened not three days after Trump’s Sweden comment.

From Snopes, “Days after President Trump referenced a nonexistent instance of immigrant violence in Sweden, a riot broke out in a predominantly immigrant district of Stockholm.”

And the Washington Post said, “Just two days after President Trump provoked widespread consternation by seeming to imply, incorrectly, that immigrants had perpetrated a recent spate of violence in Sweden, riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in the northern suburbs of the country’s capital, Stockholm.”

You just can’t make this stuff up. Only the drive-by liberal media can get away with such blatant contradictory rhetoric.

There’s absolutely no shortage of evidence from with which to draw the conclusion that mass refugee influx has changed Sweden for the worse.

In November of 2015, the Daily Mail reported that illicit brutalities in Sweden were on the rise. At that time, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven conceded that Sweden was in trouble due to their open-door migrant policy.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

Lofven also responded to Trump’s Sweden comment by denying that problems caused by large numbers of migrants coming into his country are a big concern, so I guess he has changed his mind.

In March of 2016, Ostersund law enforcement warned women to not leave home without a companion in order to avoid being attacked by refugees, according to the Daily Caller. The report claims that male migrants were assaulting, or attempting to assault women, and even young girls, in public. Instead if working to fix the problem by stopping the perpetrators themselves, they thought it a better idea for potential victims to not leave their house alone, which is, to me, lazy and ridiculous.

During this same time frame, the Daily Wire reported that journalists visiting Sweden from Australia were physically assaulted by Somali refugees. One of the cameramen was almost hit by a car during the incursion.

Why The Denial?

So why is the mainstream media responding to Trump’s Sweden comment with a denial that it’s possible he was onto something? It’s simple, really. The reason is because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Those within the liberal media are pro-open borders and pro “refugees welcome,” so of course they don’t want Americans to know the truth about the troubles Middle Eastern migrants are causing in Sweden and other countries in Europe.

Just yesterday, Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski said on air that her job as a journalist is “to control exactly what people think,” which is possibly the most honest thing that’s ever been said by a person of the elite press.

She’s right, as the media is now trying to “control what you think” about Sweden’s refugee problems.

Was Donald Trump’s Sweden comment a ploy to trick the media into, in an effort to negate him, cover the mess there? If so, did it work? The media is still lying as always, so in my opinion, it didn’t work out as well as it could have if that was indeed Trump’s motive in mentioning Sweden. I’m not saying Trump is 100 percent trustworthy, but I’d trust his claims over the mainstream media’s any day.

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