Donald Trump’s Face Shows Up On Another Disturbing Item For Sale [Opinion]

From bobble heads to blow-up sex dolls, Donald Trump’s face is appearing on many inanimate objects, and most of them are not created to make Trump look warm and fuzzy. Sure, there are bobble heads and masks for other presidents, but the items that manufacturers and private citizens have created in Trump’s image are often an attempt at portraying some level of evil.

The one making the most noise today is the very disturbing Trump troll doll. You probably won’t find anything as evil looking as this troll created from Donald Trump’s likeness. The Trump troll was created by Chuck Williams, who is the former senior staff sculptor for the Burbank, California, Walt Disney Company.

Williams created the Trump troll with an Android cell phone in one hand, which represents Trump’s infatuation with Twitter. The tiny hands and tiny penis on the troll doll were no accident, and the same can be said for the sweeping mane of hair on top of this spray tan-like orange color of the Trump troll’s body.

According to the Huffington Post, Williams created the Trump troll doll to “deal with his emotions” after Trump was elected. From the looks of the doll, it seems safe to say that William’s emotions were not of a positive nature after the election. His friends and family loved the troll when he posted it to his Facebook account. After that, he used Kickstarter for pre-orders of the troll at $25 each so he could make his financial goal to start manufacturing the Trump trolls for the masses, according to Mashable.

The morphing of Trump’s face into different objects started way back while he was still on the campaign trail. It was back in November when USA Today reported that Donald Trump voodoo dolls were “surging” in sales. These dolls aren’t made by one manufacturer, there are several different companies that have the Trump voodoo dolls up for sale, which is easy to see with a quick Google search.

Another USA Today article describes how one woman in Washington State can’t keep up with the requests for the voodoo dolls that she makes in Trump’s image. Sally Noedel started to make voodoo dolls for a number of political figures back when the list was long with Republican candidates, and Hillary Clinton was still battling Bernie Sanders for the Democratic ticket going into the election. It didn’t take long for the biggest seller to make itself known. Donald Trump was the one voodoo doll everyone seemed to want.

Noedel’s Trump voodoo dolls, which are fashioned with flame-red hair, come with a handful of pins for a harmless way to take out your frustrations against the man. She did an interview long before Trump became president describing how to use a pin when Trump says something against women or anything else you might find offensive. For $9.95 you get the Trump voodoo doll complete with pins and some suggested voodoo spells.

Another very disturbing use of Trump’s likeness is the Trump sex doll. This blow-up doll became available online while Trump was still on the campaign trail. As you can see by the tweet below, at the time this Trump sex doll came to the awareness of the public, some in the media were accused of trying to “smear” the candidate by bringing it into the headlines.

There are more Trump bobble heads on the market than you can shake a stick at. Some of these are made in Trump’s image as an insult, while other bobbleheads are made so that any Trump supporter would be proud to display the item on the dashboard of their car.

From the post below it is easy to see that Trump has no problem with the bobble head he is holding in his hand. He vowed to put one of these in the Oval Office when he wins the election, which is something he said while still on the campaign trail. It is not known if he actually did find a place in the Oval Office for this item, since he did go on to win.

Trump wasn’t the only one to get a bobblehead in his likeness. At the same time, his opponent Hillary Clinton popped up in bobble head form. There’s no mistaking the bobble head of Hillary Clinton was made to insult the Democratic candidate, which is seen below from a Facebook post.

One of the best selling masks for 2016 was the Donald Trump rubber mask. According to the Telegraph U.K., the masks made in Saitama, Japan, saw sales increase by 700 percent. The rubber masks were in huge demand, especially around Halloween.

Donald Trump’s image is even on dog toys. His likeness, as well as the likeness of his former opponents, were used for dog chew toys, which are seen on a Facebook post below. Some of the dog toys that sport Trump’s image are advertised for your dog to take their anger out. The one below gives your dog a choice of chewing on a Trump, Hillary or Bernie likeness.

The doll below called “Whiny Tears” might just be a close tie with the troll for the most disturbing image of Donald Trump. This doesn’t appear to be a real product for sale, rather it appears it may fall under a Photoshopped fictional doll. Still, this doll creation does show the infatuation of turning Trump’s image into very negative displays.

While Donald Trump is far from the only politician that has had his likeness morphed into a doll, bobble head or dog toy, people seem to have an infatuation with morphing Trump’s likeness more so than any other politician today. The latest addition of the Trump troll doll with its bushy eyebrows and hurricane swept hair just goes to show that this infatuation is alive and well long after the election. Folks continue to make Donald Trump into something out of their imagination and sometimes that image is very disturbing.

[Featured Image by Ted S. Warren/AP Images]