WWE: Vince McMahon Set Up The Perfect Storyline For The Rock’s In-Ring Return [Opinion]

Before and after last night’s Monday Night Raw, The Rock showed up in front of the crowd in the Staples Center and built up the crowd. After the show finished its live run, he came out to film a scene for the movie he is working on. Before Raw even started, The Rock came out to say “hello” to the fan and take jabs at John Cena, but he was interrupted by Vince McMahon who set up the perfect storyline for the WWE in-ring return of “The Great One.”

Before Raw began, The Rock came out to let everyone know they would be filming later for the movie Fighting With My Family which is based on the life of WWE superstar Paige. He decided to crack some jokes at the expense of John Cena, but that didn’t seem to sit well with the chairman and CEO of the company.

wwe news opinion vince mcmahon the rock storyline fired return

As reported by ComicBook, The Rock walked off-stage, but he was immediately met by Vince McMahon. He walked The Rock back onto the stage for the whole arena to see, and that was when he simply said two of his favorite words, “You’re Fired!”

Yes, anyone who has been a fan of WWE for years knows that when Vince was a major character on television, he loved telling people they were fired. It was often met with laughter or drama and it usually backfired in his face, but this was a rather interesting moment for him.

Right after he “fired” Dwayne Johnson, he walked off stage and that was the end of the segment. Later after Raw, the scene was filmed for the movie about Paige’s wrestling family and that was the end of that. Well, there was the whole thing with Johnson trying to call and Facetime CM Punk, but that’s something else entirely.

A number of fans posted the video of The Rock being fired on different forms of social media, but WWE hasn’t officially posted it or made mention of it. Still, they could just end up holding onto this moment and playing it into a future storyline that sees “The Great One” make his long-awaited return.

wwe news opinion vince mcmahon the rock storyline fired return

With his focus being on movies and a number of other projects, it doesn’t seem as if The Rock is going to be able to free up his schedule enough anytime soon to get back in the ring. Yes, everyone knows he was at Raw last night to just film the scenes in the movie, but the interaction with McMahon keeps him in WWE storylines.

It isn’t known when he will wrestle again, but as of just a month-and-a-half ago, Dave Meltzer reported that it was likely he would be at WrestleMania 33.

So, it looks as if his next appearance for the company will be in early April, but when will he be back for another match? No one really knows that, but apparently, the brass backstage was not overly thrilled with his actions after Raw went off the air.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that both Vince McMahon and Triple H were extremely angry over Rock trying to call CM Punk in the ring. It wasn’t a segment put together by WWE or even approved and it was another improv moment by the former multi-time world champion.

wwe news opinion vince mcmahon the rock storyline fired return

Once it became aware to everyone backstage that they didn’t want the segment to continue, word was sent to the ring for him to wrap it up. Some of the videos that landed online even appear to show his mic being cut near the end of things.

While this could end up being nothing but an off-camera incident, it certainly does seem the perfect way to bring The Rock back into things. He could be angry about his firing and have found a loophole to get back in the ring and clear the air…maybe, with Triple H?

The Rock is never really going to get a lot of heat from anyone in WWE, despite what he may have done with CM Punk after Monday Night Raw. They are more than aware of how profitable he is and what he can bring to the company, and that is why Vince McMahon set things up for his future return. When he came out and “fired” the former champion from the company, it opened the door for a great in-ring return storyline somewhere down the line.

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