Travis Kelce Takes a Business Leap by Filing for Five Trademarks Amid Romance with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce Takes a Business Leap by Filing for Five Trademarks Amid Romance with Taylor Swift
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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is rapidly expanding his business ventures, even as his newfound romance with pop sensation Taylor Swift continues to capture headlines. In fact, the 34-year-old footballer recently filed for five new trademarks, according to trademark attorney Josh Gerben. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dustin Satloff
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dustin Satloff

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Kelce has filed trademark applications covering his name, social media handles, and a cereal he calls 'Kelce's Krunch,' as reported by The Daily Mail. This shows he wants to use these trademarks on merchandise like posters, bobbleheads, and apparel. It also reveals his entrepreneurial goals as he looks to enter the cereal market, following other athletes who have expanded into the food industry.

Overall, the trademarks demonstrate Kelce's business savvy as he seeks to broaden his brand beyond just being an NFL player. Kelce has filed for the trademark 'Killatrav' to be used for jewelry, particularly pins. At the same time, his Instagram handle 'Alright Nah' is strongly linked back to him by NFL fans, having also been popularized through his podcast New Heights, which he co-hosts with his brother and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.



Kelce also has other entrepreneurial interests that go beyond his recent trademark filings. For instance, he owns a fashion brand called Tru Kolors that offers vintage-inspired sports apparel while catering to his initials 'TK.' These business ventures have contributed to Kelce's increasing fame and wealth.

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The trademark applications were filed on October 30 and are now undergoing review. This calculated business move coincides with the media frenzy surrounding Kelce's widely publicized relationship with Swift, which has captivated NFL fans and the general public.


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Over the last few months, Swift and Kelce's relationship has attracted a lot of media coverage. Swift has eagerly cheered on the Kansas City Chiefs football player at several of his games, frequently sitting with Kelce's parents Donna and Ed Kelce. For four of Kelce's games, Swift could be seen in the stands, where she bonded with other Chiefs' wives and came up with a celebratory handshake with quarterback Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittney Mahomes. These public outings solidified Swift's position as a 'WAG' (Wives and Girlfriends) in professional sports culture.



Swift's hectic concert tour calendar suggests she might not make it to more Chiefs games anytime soon; while Kelce gets ready to play the Miami Dolphins in Germany, Swift is planning the next part of her world tour. Nonetheless, Kelce's potential has been demonstrated by his achievements in football and business. Through contracts with the Chiefs totaling $77.03 million, he has shown his talent on the field. He has also revealed business skills through his New Heights podcast and growing Tru Kolors brand, as per Spotrac.



These five new trademark filings reflect Kelce's desire to capitalize on his growing popularity and financial opportunities. His collaboration with Swift has undoubtedly elevated his public profile, leading to a spike in jersey sales and further solidifying his presence in the NFL and the business world. The romance between this NFL star and the pop icon continues to be a topic of fascination and intrigue, and their relationship appears to be growing stronger with each passing day, both professionally and personally.

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