Kylie Jenner Slammed for Sharing Pro-Israel Message Amid Hamas Attack, Deletes the Post

Kylie Jenner Slammed for Sharing Pro-Israel Message Amid Hamas Attack, Deletes the Post
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Kylie Jenner is facing fire after expressing her support for Israel – which she then rapidly deleted – in the aftermath of the devastating Hamas bombings that killed hundreds on October 7. “Now and always we stand with the people of Israel!” read the text on the graphic, which was overlaid with an image of the Israeli flag. “SHARE if you stand with the people of Israel as they face one of the most frightening situations in many years,” the post caption read.

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Frazer Harrison
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frazer Harrison

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Jenner, 26, then deleted the post when her comments section was swamped with images of Palestinian flags and requests for people to unfollow her, per PageSix. Even though the post was removed, the harsh comments persisted on X (previously known as Twitter) and Instagram. Many followers pointed out that although the Hamas attack resulted in many casualties, this can be interpreted as a defensive attack, and it's a complex history that cannot be sided with or against without nuance and context.

“You want me to believe Kylie Jenner has read up on the Israel-Palestine conflict and beyond that has an opinion on it? (((the same goes for the rest of these people))),” one person wrote. “Kylie Jenner wouldn’t know where the Middle East is on a map but is letting her 400 million Instagram followers know she stands with Israel. I fear the silicone has leaked into her brain,” a fan commented on X.



“#KylieJenner has no ideas what is going on between #Isreal and #Palestine,” read another on X. “Right now Celebrities should only condemn the war crimes which are happening from both sides.” The fan was referring to the human cost of the conflict, which as of now is disproportionate. As of August 2023, the conflict had led to the loss of 6,407 Palestinian lives and 308 Israeli lives. A third person argued, “It’s actually way worse that Kylie Jenner just deleted the Israel post. It shows a lack of knowledge and care, she just posted it to be talked about.”

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Others were concerned that Jenner's post could fuel tensions between Jenner and Bella and Gigi Hadid, both Palestinians who have spent a lot of time attempting to educate others about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Kylie Jenner supporting Israel when her friend Bella Hadid is Palestinian is crazy,” one critic stated. “Do these celebrities listen to each other when they talk?” another asked. “Like when Bella Hadid talks about Palestine and being Palestinian does Kylie Jenner know what that means?”

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Jenner posted just after Hamas militants launched an unprecedented assault on Israel on October 7, firing thousands of rockets and invading Israeli cities close to the Gaza Strip. As a result, over 700 Israelis were reported to have been killed and over 2000 injured. This was the Palestinian group's greatest attack on Israel in years, infiltrating areas in the country's south. Israel later launched a retaliatory attack, wherein at least 413 people were reported to be killed and 1,600 were injured in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, per The Guardian.


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