Kim Kardashian’s First Car Was a Heartwarming Gift From Her Father

Kim Kardashian’s First Car Was a Heartwarming Gift From Her Father
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Kim Kardashian, one of the entertainment industry's most recognizable faces, has frequently shared poignant moments, particularly those involving her late father, Robert Kardashian. Among these treasured memories is the story of her first car, a gift from her father that not only marked a turning point in her life but also sparked her lifelong passion for luxury automobiles.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rodin Eckenroth
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rodin Eckenroth

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Every adolescent looks forward to the day they turn sixteen and, with a driver's license, gain the keys to newfound freedom. This moment was made even more special for Kim by a touching gesture from her beloved father, Robert Kardashian. He decided to make her sixteenth birthday memorable by gifting her a car, reports Showbiz CheatSheet.

Kim's father, in a carefully orchestrated surprise, convinced her that she didn't need her own car. After all, the Kardashian garage was already bursting at the seams with luxury models, and a young girl like her wouldn't normally need her own car just yet. Kim had no idea her father had something extraordinary up his sleeve.



As she walked out of the restaurant after a birthday lunch, she was met with a sight that left her speechless: a brand-new, gleaming white BMW, her first car. The entire heartwarming and joyful event was videotaped, preserving the moment forever. This surprise not only left a lasting impression on Kim but also instilled in her a lifelong love of beautiful automobiles.

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Kim's foray into the world of car ownership began with a BMW, a gift from her father that she cherishes to this day. Her automotive tastes, however, have matured and expanded over the years, resulting in a magnificent collection of vehicles that reflect her luxurious lifestyle.

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Kim's garage has grown from a humble beginning with a BMW to a stunning array of high-end vehicles. Her collection includes several Mercedes models, a few Lexus models, and a Bugatti owned by her former husband, Kanye West. Notably, the former couple owned two Dartz Motorz high-performance Prombron Red Diamond SUVs, which are known for their lavish features such as gold-plated exteriors and bulletproof windows, per Screenrant.

Kim has a soft spot for Maserati, particularly the GranTurismo convertible with its powerful 4.7L engine and 444 horses. It's unclear whether she still owns this model or if she's upgraded to another Maserati coupe or convertible. Her garage also houses two Rolls-Royces, the Phantom, and the Ghost, both of which exude lavishness. Platinum MotorSport custom-made her Rolls-Royce Ghost to her specifications.


Kim appears to enjoy her Range Rover HSE, which she frequently drives around town. Kim has also been seen driving her Porsche Panamera, which she frequently accessorizes with Porsche sunglasses. West once gave her a lime green Mercedes G-Wagen to match her unique wig.

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