Sutton Stracke, The Newest ‘Housewives’ Star, Calls Being On ‘RHOBH’ ‘Real On Steroids’

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke
Stefanie Keenan

Sutton Stracke is making her mark on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The Southern debutante-turned-Beverly Hills socialite joined the cast of the Bravo reality show this season as a Friend of the Housewives due to the fact that her full personal life (read: her three kids) couldn’t be shown on camera.

While she doesn’t have an RHOBH diamond, Sutton has received a ton of camera time, becoming one of the most outspoken – and beloved – cast members on the Beverly Hills-based reality show.

So far this season, viewers were schooled on her love for couture, witnessed the grand opening of her West Hollywood boutique SUTTON, got a sweet peek at her boyfriend Michael, and watched her stand up to the other RHOBH ladies even though she’s “new.” She also taught fans a few new phrases, such as “let the mouse go” and “yacht rock.”

In an exclusive interview with The Inquisitr, Sutton opened up about her glamorous life and gave us the blow-by-blow on her Real Housewives experience so far.

Sutton Stracke poses for a photograph.
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Victoria Miller: So it’s already been a pretty explosive season! Did you know what you were getting into when you signed on to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Sutton Stracke: Oh, no. I don’t think anybody knows that they’re getting into. It’s very in the moment, it’s very real, and it’s real on steroids. So it’s, it’s even bigger than you think it’s going to be. What would normally kind of shrug off, you can’t. It just like manifests itself. It gets bigger, bigger, bigger.

VM: Right? When you were first introduced on the show, it seemed like they focused just on your wealth and your love for couture and all that. How did you feel about how you were portrayed in the first few episodes?

SS: I mean, the first few episodes it was a little rough, but because I wasn’t able to film with my children, that’s kind of all they had. I think if I had been able to be making breakfast with my kids and it would have given a little bit more of a balance. It just felt off because I couldn’t film with my kids.

VM: That’s very true. And of course, a big moment this season was at Kyle Richards’ dinner party when you told Teddi [Mellencamp] that when you first met her, you thought she might be a little boring. That was part of a game, so it wasn’t like you were being nasty or anything, but then you went on to say that she was way more interesting than you thought she was. But do you regret that moment in that conversation?

SS: I don’t regret saying that she, that I thought at first she was boring. That I do not regret. What I regret is that I was just like pregnancy… ‘and pregnant.’ That’s what I regret. Because I think that’s really what hurt her feelings the most, I think, when we would all get pregnant [it’s like] you can’t have fun, you can’t do all this stuff… That was what I meant and it didn’t come off that way and it hurt her feelings. And that I really do regret.

Teddi Jo Mellencamp, Kyle Richards, and Sutton Stracke attend an event.
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VM: So then you went to her retreat. I liked how you were the one that questioned her comment when she said she didn’t really care if anyone went. But it seemed like that the retreat kind of marked a change for how you were seen by fans of the show. Did it mark a change in your relationship with Teddi?

SS: For sure. I think just going to the retreat and seeing what she does was truly inspiring, especially for me having my own new business. And my store has just been open a week [at this point]. So for me to leave and go do this was kind of a big deal. I have split custody with my ex-husband, so it’s a lot for me and I have a new boyfriend that I’m trying to cater to. So for me to spend… I spent the night and actually went to another class on Saturday and stayed. So, you know, I wasn’t just going for the day I was going for the retreat. I think I learned so much about her in that element and watching her with those women. It was really moving, and how organized her company is it was really — for me — inspiring to see her like that.

VM: Yeah, it was really nice. Okay, now we have to talk about Rome. So at the dinner [in the episode “Roman Rumors”], you called out Garcelle [Beauvais] about how she asked you about where you got all your money, and she seemed really sincere in her apology. What is your friendship with her like now?

SS: Honestly after that [first] dinner, that was one of the very first things she asked me at that dinner. And then we went on to laugh and have fun and we haven’t stopped since. She’s really funny. And she’s smart. She has a very sarcastic wit about her that I understand and we’ve become friends. Being in Rome together solidified that for sure. I didn’t understand her beef with Kyle, but that’s her thing, not mine.

Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke attend an event.
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VM: Yeah, I don’t really understand that either.

SS: I don’t get it.

VM: So then of course at the same dinner in Rome, the Denise Richards-Brandi Glanville affair drama was brought up by Teddi. In a confessional, you said that someone had told you about this rumor months ago. So you held onto that secret for months?

SS: Well, I had heard it a year and some time before that, before I was even asked to be on the show. So when it came up at the dinner table, I was like, ‘Oh, I remember this now.’ Because I had heard that in September 2018.

VM: Wow, you’re a really good secret keeper. My gosh.

SS: You know, honestly, I am, but you know, we all have a little narcissism in ourselves. It didn’t pertain to me, so I heard it and went ‘okay.’ And didn’t care. I was worried about myself. So then when I heard it, it sparked that memory and I was like… ‘I have heard this before.’

VM: Were you surprised that Teddi brought up such a personal issue in front of everybody with the cameras rolling?

SS: Well, yeah. And I think you see that in the show. I was just like, why is this necessary? I can understand if you’ve heard that someone has talked about you behind your back, bringing that up. That I get. I think you could do it one on one. But she didn’t just do it for herself. She also said, ‘And you said this about her, and you said this about her.’ That’s fine. Denise, be accountable for what you said if you did say these things. You know, that’s the bigger part. Are we taking this to be true? But I don’t think that bringing up the alleged affair was necessary. I really don’t. That’s a very sensitive topic, and I think she could have waited and done that in a different moment.

Sutton Stracke. Erika Girardi, Denise Richards and Teddi Mellencamp have a conversation.
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VM: Yeah, it was clear that you definitely felt that way. When you said that she didn’t have to bring that personal piece into it about Denise and Denise kind of smiled. That’s how they showed it on the show. Did she thank you later or say anything to you for sort of defending her?

SS: No, well, I mean, she didn’t thank me and she certainly, I don’t think she needs anyone coming to her defense. I think that Denise can defend herself. Denise and I had gotten a little bit closer going into Rome and, even that evening, we all went out for a room and she called me and was really upset. I thought ‘She’s gonna leave Rome.’ And I told her, ‘Just please don’t leave. Call your husband like right now and get your house in order.’ That was my advice to her. But she was truly devastated by this for whatever reason. She was really hurt and crying a lot and it was hard to watch, to see someone like that.

VM: One last question about that. So she kept saying Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, which they showed teasers for that all season. I assume that was to get the cameras to stop. Does that mean you want them to stop filming?

SS: Girl, if I knew I would tell you! What does that mean? I didn’t, I mean, I swear I would look around like, ‘Are we, is that like a cut, are we still going?’

VM: That’s what I was wondering.

SS: My producers told me to just pretend like she didn’t say it. And it was so confusing. So like are we allowed to do that? I had no clue.

VM: She was so upset at that point. And then she was talking about needing to call her lawyer before you all even left the restaurant. Were you surprised they aired the footage?

SS: Yeah. No…when she said she was going to call a lawyer. I was like, ‘Oh gosh.’ I try to stay out of serious personal business with people unless I am directly involved. Yeah. That’s a different situation and I just kind of go, ‘Oh, wow. Oh, okay.’

Sutton Stracke attends an event.
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VM: So you have three kids, and they’re not shown on the show. Do any of them want to be on camera, and what do they think about you being on the show?

SS: Well, first of all, I don’t think anybody’s kids want to be on camera. I think they’ll do it. But mine are reluctant, but they would do it for me if they could. That’s how I really feel about most of the kids on the show. But yes they started watching with me and what’s been fascinating, to watch this show with them, which they’ve never seen before. My middle son, who’s now 16, loves it. And I think they’re also seeing that it’s not so bad if you’re on TV. Like, I think that Garcelle’s boys are just, they were goofy and funny and sweet and nothing’s happened to them. Nobody’s messing with them.

VM: Yeah. That’s good. As a mom, were you shocked by some of your co-stars’ explicit talk at Denise’s party when her kids were right there?

SS: Well, one thing. That table was away, it was kind of tucked in a corner. So I wasn’t worried so much about the children as I was for myself. I was like, ‘Why are we talking about threesomes? I don’t need to hear this’… I think just keep it in the bedroom.

VM: Oh, that’s funny. So this season we also saw the grand opening of your West Hollywood boutique, SUTTON. So how has that been going? With the health pandemic, were you forced to close down for a long time?

SS: Yeah, we closed for a few months, and it was sort of, a nice situation for us because we got to focus on online and getting the ability to sell online and sell on Instagram and kind of get, you know, really focus our energies in that. I had slowed down receiving a lot of new products. We’re still waiting on something from France, it’s supposed to get here today. But we’ve got to really work on the infrastructure a little bit more, because we’ve only been open since September. So it was kind of like a little, let’s see the silver lining and strengthen what we already have in place. So it’s been fine. And we’ve been doing a lot of online sales.

We’ve added T-shirts and denim. And we added these Tervis cups…they’re the best things in the world. It’s a plastic cup and I’m very anti-plastic, except for these. They are an insulated cup and you can put hot or cold in them. And honestly, if you put ice and a drink in that cup, it will last for hours. Unbelievable. So we made some with our logo and our print that we have. So that was kind of fun. We added stuff like that and they’re selling really well. And you know, we just try to make rent every month.

Sutton Stracke attends an event.
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VM: I looked at your site. You have beautiful things on there.

SS: Thank you!

VM: Okay, so can you describe this season’s reunion in one word?

SS: Exhausting.

VM: That sounds like a good one. I heard it was like 12 hours or something.

SS: Yeah, it was almost 13. It was crazy brutal.

VM: Oh my gosh. So Rinna called it a ‘BS’ reunion. Do you think viewers are going to be left with more questions than answers?

SS: I mean, I don’t know. I think a lot of things got resolved. I think what you’re not going to… you know, I think that there’s a big looming part to all of this that is not resolved. But to be honest, it’s really none of our business anyway.

VM: Right. Yup.

SS: Let the mouse go. Like we don’t care about it. Like just let it go. You know?

VM: Yeah. So is there anything else you’re working on now that you want to tell us about?

SS: We are working on so many things. When I started, when I opened my store, I knew that I wanted to do more things with the store. Then the show came, and it kind of distracted me from doing the other things that are kind of store-related for me. But I have a lot of homework to do because I’m really wanting to do a beautiful, not coffee table book, but just a really nice book that is focused on event planning and fashion and all of those kinds of things but in a different way. I’m putting my brain around that one. And you know, because of the pandemic, a lot of our pop shows were canceled. So we’re back to the drawing board on who we want to bring in, as soon as we can really open and have events at the store. So that’s always fun. And you know, my house is on the market. I don’t know if I’m gonna sell it or not. I kind of want to, don’t care… Then my daughter’s going to college in a couple of weeks. Yeah, there’s a lot going on. It’s never a dull day here at the Stracke house.

Lisa Rinna, Sutton Stracke, Denise Richards, Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, and Teddi Mellencamp attend an event.
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VM: Okay! And then one last thing I have to ask you, what are your favorite yacht rock songs?

SS: Oh my gosh! I’m telling you Pandora has got Yacht Rock radio and I love it. I love the Doobie Brothers. I think you can’t go wrong with any of their songs, and I’m sorry, it sounds cheesy, but I love Christopher Cross and ‘Sailing’ is probably one of the most notable yacht rock songs there could be. So those I love. I love them. And it’s easy listening. I know it might date me, but it really doesn’t. I wasn’t really a part of yacht rock when I was younger, but now you just put it on the background, even my kids, and we play badminton and swim in the pool and hang out, and it’s just kind of going. It makes you chill out.

VM: Well, I’m going to have to check that out! Thank you so much. It was really great to talk to you and I love you on the show. I hope we get to see you next year with a full diamond!

SS: I know it. I know. One of those big ones!