Courtney Hope Is Ready To Show Marvel She’s A Fighter, Like Her ‘Bold & The Beautiful’ Character Sally Spectra

Actress Courtney Hope attends the Los Angeles premiere of Focus World's "I Am Ali" at ArcLight Cinemas on October 8, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
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Courtney Hope is a fighter. The redhead has a history of pursuing her goals aggressively and making opportunities where there seemed to be none.

At the tender age of 13, she realized that she wanted a career on the stage and quit public school. She completed performing arts school at 15, moved to Los Angeles, and had an associate’s degree by the age of 18.

Her acting career spans nearly two decades, and while most will instantly recognize her as Sally Spectra from The Bold and the Beautiful, this versatile artist has found another niche that she loves.

Courtney is well-known in gaming circles for having portrayed Beth Wilder in 2016’s hit Quantum Break. She became the natural choice for the lead role of Director Jesse Faden in the recently released – and critically acclaimed – Control, becoming
Remedy Games’ first female lead.

Tracey Johnson: What do you like about your character, Sally?

Courtney Hope: So much! I love how creative Sally is. I love how loving and loyal she is as a human being. And it’s always fun to see what kind of shenanigans she’s going to get in, or who she’s going to be pitted up against, because she definitely always finds herself in a bit of a rivalry somehow. So, it’s kind of fun to see how she’ll stand up for herself again.

TJ: How do you feel about the current storyline?

CH: It’s interesting because Flo is a criminal basically. Sally is fighting for her morals and her beliefs about what’s right. She loves Wyatt so much that she, you know, she doesn’t see Flo as a threat. In fact, she’s having a little trouble understanding why Wyatt would want to be with somebody. But, you know, it was so easy for him to dump Sally and head off for Flo. Now she’s definitely fighting to keep her man again, because she doesn’t want to lose out twice.

TJ: Why do you think Sally was so quick to forgive Wyatt, even though he dumped her for Flo?

CH: Oh yeah, I think it’s definitely because she loves him so much. I think also because Sally’s always the one that loses out to other women, she’s constantly the underdog and I think for the first time… You know, with Thomas, she could understand why he wanted to be with Caroline – they had a child together. And with Liam, obviously, he was with Steffy and they were married, and that’s understandable. In this case, there’s really nothing that ties them together except for some past childhood love that’s completely, in Sally’s eyes, irrelevant right now because they’ve been living together for almost a year. So, I think she fights for herself.

TJ: So do you think she’s not giving up on Wyatt without a fight?

CH: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Sally’s like, ‘Okay, well he’s mine and I’m going to fight for this one.’

TJ: Is there anybody else you would like to see Sally hook up with? She’s already been with Thomas and nearly had Liam; do you want to see her get back together with any of them, or do you want her to explore other options?

CH: You know, at some point I would love to see her back with Thomas. I think that what I loved about their relationship was that it went deeper than just the relationship. There was a work rivalry aspect as well with the Forresters and the Spectras, and I felt like there was something really interesting there that got cut off kind of short because of Caroline. I don’t know, I really enjoyed them. They were running Spectra together at one point and they had so much fire, both of them that I think… I don’t know, it just creates a really good base for the foundation of an interesting relationship.

I mean, Sally obviously loves Wyatt. I love working with Darin, and I know there’s a new Thomas. I don’t think that that should ever be off the table. Just looking at who is on the show and who could be, I just love their fashion rivalry and then their pairing together.

TJ: Yeah. Part of what made the old Sally so formidable was the fact that Darlene Conley wasn’t tied into any love triangles. Sally was all about fashion and her career. So when the new Sally entered the picture, she also seemed to have a purpose – to get Spectra Fashions back on its feet.

CH: Absolutely, yeah. It definitely gave her a purpose and that’s what her main goal is. You know, she came to L.A. wanting to have a successful fashion house, not to have a successful relationship. I think that that’s what created something so special, was that she found a lasting, or hopeful lasting, relationship with Thomas, but then she also had the fashion aspect, too.

Wyatt’s been so good for her and supported her through everything, but I don’t know. As Courtney Hope looking out for Sally, I’m like, ‘Be careful.’

TJ: It’s sad that her fate is tied to a man. Look at what happened after Pierson Fode left.

CH: Yeah, I agree.

TJ: Anyway, do you think Wyatt and Sally have a future?

CH: I do. As long as someone doesn’t come into the mix, which always seems to happen on soap operas. But, I do. You know, I think they work really well together when they’re good. And they love each other very much and they have really good banter and understanding and they balance each other out.

I think that’s something Sally really hasn’t had before. I feel like Liam definitely had a bit of that, but she and Thomas were fire on fire. So, with Wyatt I think they balance each other out. He keeps her grounded and she keeps him, you know, a little bit wild. So, I do think that they have something, and I hope that they can continue to pursue it.

TJ: Or she could just whip out a pistol and point it at his head again.

CH: Yeah, yeah, that seems to light a little fire under his butt, so hopefully.

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