Christina Ochoa, ‘A Million Little Things’ Star, Offers Insight Into Her Mysterious Character, Ashley Morales

In this exclusive interview, the actress talks about her character and what it's like to work on ABC's hot new drama.

Christina Ochoa
Matthias Clamer / ABC

In this exclusive interview, the actress talks about her character and what it's like to work on ABC's hot new drama.

A Million Little Things is all about secrets, and Ashley Morales has a big one. The character, played by Christina Ochoa, is still a mystery, but each week on the ABC drama viewers learn a little bit more about Jon Dixon’s (Ron Livingston) savvy assistant, who’s keeping an important blue envelope from his widow, Delilah (Stephanie Szostak), while deleting computer files and having very realistic daydreams about what would happen if she comes clean about what she knows about her late boss.

ABC recently announced a full season order for A Million Little Things—and it’s a good thing because the pieces to Ashley’s story are coming very slowly. The show—which also stars David Giuntoli, James Roday, Romany Malco, Grace Park, Allison Miller, and Christina Moses—centers on a group of friends in the aftermath of the suicide of their core guy, but his assistant also seems to be separately operating out of a place of love. We think.

The Inquisitr recently caught up with Christina Ochoa to get some insight on who Ashley is and what she’s hiding, and we found out some interesting tidbits about the smart and beautiful Barcelona-born actress (Blood Drive, Valor) as well. (Hint: Acting is not her first love.)

Victoria Miller: Hi, Christina. Thank you so much for taking some time out of your schedule to talk, and congratulations on the full season order for A Million Little Things.

Christina Ochoa: Thank you so much. We’re very happy.

VM: I’m so excited. It’s my new favorite show.

CO: Oh, I love hearing that.

VM: Anyway, you’ve played all types of characters. Drug dealers, a helicopter pilot, femme fatales. The role of Jon’s assistant, Ashley, seems to be a major departure for you. What drew you to the role on A Million Little Things?

CO: Honestly? It is exactly that. The biggest draw for me in Ashley and playing Ashley in doing the project was that it was such a big departure from all of the roles I have done so far. In a multitude of ways, not just for type, but also the kind of role. The way we discover, we build on the character as well which in this case is – we get little snippets of her, little by little. And we judge her on her actions because we don’t get any insight into her inner workings early on. We don’t know why she’s doing what she’s doing. We don’t know, you know, if she’s a good person or a bad person or in love or if she’s doing it at maliciously. And I was very drawn to that.

She’s also the character that I’ve played so far that is the biggest departure from me personally as well. All of the other roles that I’ve done have had very big components of who I am. Christina as a person. And this one, in particular, was the furthest from that.

You know she’s very – I think she measures her worth. She is very calculated and a little bit more secretive than I am. She is less impulsive, I guess, than a lot of the other women that I’ve played. She is subservient and a little more – submissive is not the right word, but subservient might be a better word— compared to all the other women that I’ve played and probably compared to me. So I was very attracted to that.

Ashley Morales on A Million Little Things
  Jack Rowand / ABC

VM: Yeah. She’s very interesting for sure. Very mysterious.

CO: Yes.

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