‘Big Brother’ Legend Will Kirby Teases ‘Explosive’ Jury Roundtable Ahead Of Season 20 Finale [Interview]

The good doctor gives us the scoop on his roundtable discussion with the 'BB20' jurors.

Johnny Vy / CBS

The good doctor gives us the scoop on his roundtable discussion with the 'BB20' jurors.

One of Big Brother’s greatest traditions is the jury roundtable, where the evicted—and often bitter—houseguests reveal their true feelings about the final three contestants ahead of the live jury vote. For the 20th season of the CBS reality show, this no-holds-barred discussion promises to be especially explosive thanks to the big personalities in the Big Brother jury—and the moderator chair.

That’s right, longtime Big Brother fans will be happy to know that Dr. Will Kirby has returned to moderate the jury debate once again this season. The “freakishly handsome” Big Brother legend, best known for his winning Season 2 gameplay in 2001 and for his epic “I hate you all” speech during the show’s all-stars season in 2006, has long been a fan favorite and an integral part of the Big Brother franchise. (Fun fact: He even coined the term “showmance!”)

Kirby has been the host of the show’s jury roundtable for years, so he has seen it all. And for this season, he predicts fireworks for finale night as final three players Tyler Crispen, Kaycee Clark, and JC Mounduix finish out the Big Brother game.

I caught up with Will Kirby to find out what he thinks about bitter jurors, the Tangela showmance, and most importantly, a preview of how the jury roundtable played out for the landmark 20th season of Big Brother.

Victoria Miller: Kaycee, Tyler, JC. Did you ever envision this as the final three?

Will Kirby: I don’t know if I ever envisioned this final three but I love this final three! This is sincerely the best final three since ‘Big Brother Two.’ Name me a more interesting final three in the last 16 years. You can’t. You really can’t.

VM: This is your sixth season as moderator of the jury roundtable. With your already busy schedule, what keeps you coming back to the ‘Big Brother’ house?

WK: I simply love the game of ‘Big Brother.’ There were a few years that I refer to as the ‘dark ages’ where some really boring players won, but ‘Big Brother 20’ has completely reinvigorated the franchise. So am I busy? Absolutely. But you can always carve out time for the things you love!

VM: Describe this season’s jury roundtable in one word.

WK: Enthralling.

VM: Last season you flat out asked the bitter jury if they were just sore losers. There are a lot of big personalities in this season’s jury, and, once again, several bitter houseguests. Did anyone seem particularly salty?

WK: Yeah, let’s be frank: ‘Big Brother 19’ had a sore loser or two – no secret there. But that is their legacy. After all, it’s my job to moderate the jury but I can’t force intelligence on them. They each write their own history book and ‘Big Brother’ fans are fervent; they will remind those bitter jurors of their transgressions for a long, long time.

See, a bitter juror disrespects the game. And you can hate a player, but everyone knows that you shouldn’t hate the game. As far as this year goes, it is too early to tell if anyone is salty because the votes haven’t yet been cast. We’ll have to see how the keys are pulled out of the box on Wednesday night! But I have a feeling that it will be really, really close!

VM: How about Brett? He thought Tyler was his wingman. What was his mood at the roundtable?

WK: Please understand that I’m sworn to secrecy. You’ll have to watch the jury roundtable segment on the finale. But I promise that you’ll enjoy it!

VM: Angela was a competition beast. Do you think she got distracted by her showmance with Tyler? She clearly didn’t see that Final 2 with Kaycee coming.

WK: Well, I know a lot more than I can reveal. A lot more. I think Angela and Tyler have a lot to talk about. And I’ll leave it at that.

VM: Tyler had multiple Final 2 deals. Based on your dealings with the jury, do you think that could come back to bite him if he makes it to F2?

WK: The jury can see this as great strategy or they might interpret it as unethical gameplay and poor jury management. I honestly do not know – we’ll all have to see. And I’m truly as curious as you are to find out!

VM: I know you don’t play favorites with the houseguests. But is there anyone in the jury you were surprised didn’t make it to the Final 3?

WK: Things work out the way they are supposed to work out. In my capacity as the jury moderator I’m just an observer and I remain emotionally objective at all times.

VM: What can we expect on finale night?

WK: Finale night is going to be explosive! Expect emotional fireworks! If you have any plans on Wednesday night, cancel them. Every single person in North America should be watching ‘Big Brother 20!’

VM: Who do you think are the best ‘Big Brother’ winners of all time?

WK: Let’s reverse that question: Who are the worst ‘Big Brother’ winners of all time? That is much easier for me to address. The worst ‘Big Brother’ winners are the most boring ‘Big Brother’ winners. See, you can absolutely hate a specific winner but if they entertained you, well then, that’s the ultimate goal, right?

So the worst winners are the ones that were the least entertaining. After all, the whole point of watching ‘Big Brother’ is to be entertained.

And how does one entertain the viewers? Employ humor, utilize wit, incorporate cunning strategy, make bold game moves, defy death, escape almost certain execution, own your actions, and be authentic! Those are the things I love! So boring winners fade from your memory after a few seasons… but entertaining winners never die!

VM: Final thoughts about ‘Big Brother’ Season 20?

WK: This year the bar was raised! The entire production and casting teams really outdid themselves. ‘Big Brother 20’ was the best season in at least a decade and the final three houseguests are incredible. They each have a very real opportunity to walk away with half a million dollars.

The Big Brother Season 20 finale airs Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.