Fox News Host Sean Hannity Believes He Can Stop Mass Shootings With His Martial Arts Skills

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Believes He Can Stop Mass Shootings With His Martial Arts Skills
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Roy Rochlin

Following another devastating mass shooting, which took place in Lewiston, Maine, and resulted in 18 fatalities and 13 injuries, the topic of gun violence in the US has once again gained attention. In response to these horrific incidents, many Americans are calling for tougher gun regulations. However, Fox News host Sean Hannity has adopted a different approach, speculating that he could use his Mixed martial arts (MMA) expertise to personally intervene and avert a mass shooting. This claim has drawn a lot of criticism and incredulity, and it has also highlighted the nation's ongoing discussion about gun control.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Roy Rochlin
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Roy Rochlin

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In a recent segment of his Fox News program, while in conversation with Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, Hannity talked about the inclination to politicize mass shootings. He voiced his disapproval of this politicization, saying that these tragic incidents would not result in the lives of the dead being restored. "I always ask the question, when something like this happens, what is your plan? What do you do?" he said. "I train in Mixed Martial Arts; I’ve been a big believer in the Second Amendment for a long time, with the prayer that I never would have to use it."



Many people don't believe Hannity when he says that his MMA background and support of the Second Amendment will protect him from a semi-automatic rifle-wielding mass shooter. Even the mixed martial arts community has swiftly mocked his remarks, emphasizing the stark difference between stopping a heavily armed attacker with your bare hands and fighting back, reports Rolling Stone.

Additionally, Hannity's suggestion's unrealistic nature has been brought up by critics. They stated how this is one of the best examples of how supporters of gun rights frequently use improbable scenarios to divert attention from the grim reality of the ongoing national crisis is when they invoke the image of a single person valiantly stopping a mass shooter with martial arts skills while ignoring the larger issue of gun violence.

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Hannity's remark exposes a baffling mindset among right-wingers. Instead of admitting the urgent need for reasonable gun control measures, he gives in to the illusion that, in the right situation, a well-prepared hero can stop a mass shooting on their own. 

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People have taken to social media to express their worries. Republicans’ new plan to stop mass shootings: Karate chop the AR-15s," MSNBC contributor Brian Tyler Cohen noted on X, reports Salon. Rep. Sean Casten said, "There is something so dysfunctional about saying ‘We could live in communities where you don’t have to worry about getting shot, but I’d prefer to keep the guns and fight my way out’.'" "You’re not Josey Wales. You’re just a rich dude with a Fox News gig. To thine own self be true," he added, per Independent.



But the bigger problem here isn't just Hannity's claim; it's also the larger conversation about gun control in the US. Even though Hannity's comments are extreme and easily discounted, they are representative of a larger issue in American politics. Strong pro-Second Amendment groups and politicians frequently hamper the gun control debate by opposing any attempts to tighten laws governing firearms.

According to recent polls by CNN and SSRS, the majority of Americans support tougher gun regulations; this support has increased after mass shootings. However significant reform is still elusive due to the influence of Second Amendment absolutists and their political supporters.

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